Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein [6 august 2022] written update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6 august 2022 written update on

At the beginning of the episode, Virat asks Pakhi to push while he does so himself, despite the fact that Pakhi is in excruciating pain. She requests that Sai come there, but instead, Sai encourages Pakhi and Virat and reassures them that everything will be alright. While Sonali is thinking about the challenges that Virat and Sai have encountered, the woman prays to God. She mentions that they had to deliver Pakhi despite a lot of complications due to the fact that they had lost their baby and were dealing with a lot of pain. Karishma suggests calling Virat to find out what’s going on, but Shivani disapproves of this idea, claiming that he must be struggling to carry out the delivery procedure and pleading with them not to disturb him. They keep praying for the well-being of Pakhi and the baby.

During this scene, Virat urges Pakhi to keep pushing the baby, but Pakhi eventually passes out from exhaustion and cannot be awakened. When Virat asks Sai about it, she tells him to wake her up instead of answering his question directly. Virat is stunned by her response. During the delivery, she reassures Virat that what she is experiencing is normal and that it will pass soon. Pakhi will need to be roused from her sleep, so she instructs him to sprinkle some water on her. Virat complies with Sai’s directives, but Pakhi is unable to regain consciousness despite their best efforts.

Concerned, Virat approaches Sai for guidance on what action should be taken next. It is imperative, according to her, that Pakhi regain consciousness in order for them to be able to deliver their child safely. Virat examines Pakhi, and then he informs Sai that he can see the head of their baby coming out. Virat is unsuccessful in his attempt to wake Pakhi, and Sai is left in a state of utter devastation and sobs. Concerned, Virat turns to Sai for advice and asks him to recommend an alternative way to deliver the baby.

In another one of her posts, Sai mentions that it would have been possible for the delivery to take place in the hospital with the assistance of suction. Then, she has an inspiration and suggests to Virat that he bring the vacuum cleaner, after which she plays the video for him that demonstrates how to carry out the delivery with the assistance of the vacuum cleaner. He claims that the pressure will be high in their vacuum cleaner, and that this could cause harm to the baby. However, the baby asks him to bring the vacuum cleaner from the car, and the car’s owner assures him that the power will be lower.

Virat is encouraged by Sai, who reminds him that he is the only one who can ensure the safety of their child and that he must complete the mission. Virat, on the other hand, brings out the vacuum cleaner and begins to vacuum the baby out of the crib. After a number of unsuccessful attempts, he eventually succeeded in bringing the baby out, and both of them became emotional upon seeing it. It was Sai who forced him to cut the umbilical cord that was tying Pakhi to the baby. She inquired of him to guarantee that the scissors would be cleaned and sanitised.

Ahead, Virat starts to feel concerned because the baby hasn’t been crying. He then proceeds to tell Sai about it, at which point she expresses her surprise. While she sobs, Virat insists that they must take action. She’s inconsolable. Virat gives the procedure to the baby, at which point the infant immediately begins to cry after receiving instructions from Sai, who then performs the procedure on the infant. When they both see it, it gives them both a feeling of elation.

Virat implores Sai to make the trip back to their house as quickly as humanly possible. She was discharged from the hospital and made it to Chavan Niwas. After observing Pakhi’s condition, she hypothesises that exhaustion is to blame for the woman’s unconscious state. She comforts herself by holding her newborn son and experiencing a surge of emotion. She expresses her gratitude to Virat for his efforts to save the baby, and she sobs while stating that the two of them will finally have a child.

Additionally, Virat and Sai look at their son with tears of happiness streaming down their faces. Even though Virat claims that he would not have been able to accomplish anything without her, she still gives credit to him for his accomplishments. They both adore their newborn child, and then Sai looks at Pakhi and gently strokes her hair before looking back at the baby. She experiences an emotional breakdown and eventually comes to the conclusion that she and he should put their differences from the past behind them and move on. She expresses her gratitude to Pakhi, who is currently unconscious, for delivering their child by clasping her hands together in front of her and making the sign of the cross.


In the following recap, Sai accuses Pakhi of acting as her surrogate in an unauthorised capacity. She claims that the other woman attempted to kidnap her child and have her arrested in front of the Chavan family. While Virat tries to stop Sai and insists that she take back the complaint, the police officers arrest Pakhi and take her along with them as they leave the scene.

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