Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [13th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 13th August 2022 Written Update

The first scene of the episode consists of Virat entering the cabin where Harish and DIG sir are. They confronted him with the issue of surrogacy as well as questions regarding Pakhi’s crimes. Harish claims that Virat was present at the location when Pakhi arrived for the surrogacy in place of Geeta without permission, and that Virat did nothing to stop her from doing so. Geeta was the intended surrogate mother in this scenario. Virat makes an attempt to clarify the situation by claiming that he was not in a position to think rationally at the time and asserting that the surrogacy procedure was very important to him at that point in time. While this is going on, DIG sir expresses his displeasure with Virat and tells him that he is the one who will have to suffer the consequences of his actions.

In this part of the conversation, Harish gives Virat notice that there will be an investigation into the matter, and he requests that Virat be present during it. He announces that Virat will be suspended until then and hands him the notice, while the latter reacts with shock. While Virat is feeling devastated, Harish asks him to turn in his licenced gun. Virat has no choice.

Pakhi is filled with remorse after recalling all of her wrongdoing. She recalls how she attempted to get Virat’s attention and even tried to take Vinayak away from Sai. She was unsuccessful in both attempts. During that time, she visualises herself in front of her, who is the one who makes her. Pakhi recalls her wrongdoings and discusses the impact they had on her life. Pakhi comes to terms with her own shortcomings and breaks down in tears upon discovering this discovery. She makes the assertion that she is the one who is responsible for the devastation that has befallen her life.

In a different part of the story, Vaishali pays Pakhi a visit and is heartbroken when she sees how she is doing. She sobs and scolds Pakhi for not paying attention to the advice that she had previously given. Pakhi admits that Vaishali was correct and asks Vaishali not to feel concerned for her because she deserves the punishment. After seeing Pakhi in such a precarious state, Vaishali’s emotions get the best of her, but she still doesn’t believe Pakhi.

Vaishali inquires of Pakhi as to whether or not she is once more putting on an act to be altered. In response, the second person smiles sarcastically and says that her own mother is having second thoughts about her. While Vaishali is on the phone with Pakhi’s attorney, she is once more filled with remorse for all of the errors she has committed in the past. She gives her the assurance that she will not stop at anything in her efforts to free Pakhi from the jail.

Virat is going to explain to everyone in the house why she was suspended after she gets back to the house. Everyone is taken aback and wonders how they could possibly suspend Virat for Pakhi’s crimes. To which he notified that he was present there at that hospital when Bhavani brought Pakhi for the surrogacy instead of Geeta. In addition, Sai expresses her concern for Virat, even though Bhavani holds her responsible for the situation.

Bhavani makes the proclamation that Virag is also enduring hardships as a result of Sai’s complaint against Pakhi. Virat, on the other hand, weeps and says that he has let down his seniors and ruined the image he has worked so hard to cultivate. Sai makes an effort to comfort him, while Bhavani insists that Sai take her complaint against Pakhi back, but Sai refuses to do so. Sai tries to console him.

In addition, Sai reminds Chavans about the crimes that Pakhi has committed while Ashwini and Shivani defend her. Sonali brings up the fact that Samrat and Virat assisted Sai while she was incarcerated, but Sai insists that Pakhi’s situation is unique and describes how she assaulted Pakhi in order to get her hands on the baby. Sonali reminds Samrat and Virat of their actions. Bhavani claims that Pakhi is innocent of any wrongdoing, while Ninad insists that her release won’t assist Virat in regaining his job. On the other hand, Sai does not waver from her choice.


In the following precap, Chavans looks for Sai but is unable to locate her anywhere. They are all concerned and report that they have searched the house but cannot find her anywhere in it. Even the newborn, according to Ashwini, has not been located. Mohit then makes his way over there and lets them know that someone has seen Sai, along with the baby, going inside the bus. Nevertheless, at that very moment, Virat received a phone call informing him that there had been an accident with the bus. It stuns him, and he immediately begins to worry about Sai.

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