Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [15th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 15th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of this episode, Bhavani reassures Sai that they won’t give Pakhi her baby and asks Sai to post bail for Pakhi so that she can be released from jail. Sai refutes the allegations and brings up the misdeeds committed by Pakhi in front of them. She promises that Vinayak will never have to worry about the former coming between them. Bhavani announces that even they do not trust Pakhi anymore and that they will not permit her to come near Vinayak; however, in order to protect the reputation of their family, they need to get Pakhi out of jail. Additionally, Karishma asserts that everyone in the society group is making fun of their own family. While Bhavani is looking at Sai, Virat is asked by Bhavani to say something. Sai looks at him.

While sitting here, devastated by the news of his suspension, Virat nods his head in agreement to Bhavani. He claims that he will be responsible for everything that happens as a result of his actions, but that he won’t let his family suffer as a result of them. He tells Sai that he stood by her side when she decided to file a complaint against Pakhi because she was in the right, but that he believes she should now consent to Pakhi’s release on bail because the situation is causing issues for their family.

After being taken aback by Virat’s decision, Sai declares that no one will be able to coerce her into withdrawing her complaint. She claims that Pakhi ought to be punished by serving time in jail, while Ninad agrees with Sai and says that the judges ought to decide what type of punishment is appropriate for Pakhi. She claims that Pakhi ought to be punished by serving time in jail.

In a different part of the narrative, Bhavani becomes enraged and claims that Sai is doing nothing but causing problems for them. She claims that the reason why Virat was suspended and their family is having problems is solely due to the fact that Sai filed a complaint against Pakhi without informing anyone else. She holds Sai responsible for everything that is going wrong, while Sai herself becomes emotionally distraught. She brings up the fact that they have already presented Pakhi with Vinayak in their conversation.

Sai claims that none of her family members were willing to believe her, which is the reason why she has decided to take legal action against Pakhi. She breaks down into tears as she talks about her worry about being separated from Vinayak. She says that she can’t even fathom the idea of Pakhi being anywhere near her son, and Devyani agrees with her and asks that Pakhi not be brought back inside the house. She says that she can’t even fathom the idea of Pakhi being anywhere near her son.

In the next chapter, Bhavani comes to the realisation that she was the one who had brought Pakhi for the surrogacy procedure, and she becomes concerned about the possibility of going to prison as a result. As everyone is concerned about her well-being, she loses her balance and falls down. Virat expresses his concern for Bhavani, while Bhavani becomes enraged at Sai for being so persistent. Everyone is taken aback when they hear the latter claim that she will take Vinayak and leave the house, while the former says that she will carry out her threat.

Virat becomes enraged and confronts Sai after she declares that she and her son will leave the house if she is coerced into releasing Pakhi from jail. Sai has previously stated that she will leave the house if anyone succeeds in coercing her to release Pakhi. Pakhi, on the other hand, comes to the conclusion that she has acted inappropriately and acknowledges that she must accept responsibility for her actions. She opens up to Vaishali about her suffering, and Vaishali breaks down in tears after seeing her daughter in such a precarious state.

In addition, Virat mentions that he never wants Pakhi to be in the same room as his son, but for the sake of his family, he will attempt to secure Pakhi’s release from custody. He gets into a heated debate with Sai while Ashwini is trying to mediate the situation and bring them both back to their senses. She ensures that Sai comprehends the situation and implores her to avoid making any decisions that would be considered inappropriate. In the midst of his son’s sobbing, Virat asserts to Sai that the latter has no power to keep them apart. In addition, Virat reprimands Sai, claiming that she does not understand the significance of family, while Sai is suffering from the consequences of her actions.


Precap:- Concerned, Ashwini informs the Chavans that Sai has gone missing and expresses her concern to them. Everyone looks for her, but they are ultimately let down in their efforts. Sonali raises the question of where she could possibly go next. As they were learning this, they were taken aback to find out that Vinayak had disappeared as well. Virat makes an attempt to locate Sai and discovers that she is moving away with the child. During this time, he receives a call and is devastated to learn that Sai was involved in an accident while travelling on the bus.

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