Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [16th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The debate between Virat and Sai over whether or not Pakhi should be released on bail opens the episode. He declares that he is willing to do anything to protect his family, while she declares that she won’t allow Pakhi to come near her son. He claims that he is willing to do anything to protect his family. She reminds them of the bad things that Pakhi has done and queries how they can even consider releasing her on bond given all of the evidence against her. They are given the stern warning that she and Vinayak will leave the house if they persist in their efforts to get Pakhi back into the family home. Virat’s reaction, along with everyone else’s, is one of fury at her behaviour. He lashes out at her, asking how she could ever consider keeping them apart from Vinayak, and she responds by saying that she has no such intention.

In this passage, Virat is cruel to Sai by implying that she has never been a part of a family and that this is the reason why she does not appreciate family members. The latter exhibits signs of astonishment and gets teary eyes as a response to the former’s words. She gives a response that is suitable of the situation and states that she cherishes family more than anybody else despite the fact that she has never had a family of her own. She makes it clear that she wishes very much for Vinayak to mature in front of the rest of the family, but she remains adamantly opposed to withdrawing her complaint against Pakhi.

Virat asserts that she does not have the authority to divide him from his son and that they should be together. He also claims that Sai herself was sometimes misunderstood, but asserts that the only thing that can ever put him apart from his family is death. Sai reveals that her father has instilled in her from a young age the importance of standing up for what is right. She makes it clear that she is not going to reconsider her choice, and Virat maintains her firm stance throughout the conversation.

Ashwini makes an effort to mediate the conflict between Virat and Sai in another part of the story. She prevents Virat from saying anything nasty about Sai and asks him to reconsider his decision. She stops Virat from saying anything hurtful against Sai. She warns them that the dispute they’re having could generate problems in their relationship that will last a lifetime and encourages them to handle it in an adult manner.

Sai insists that she is not going to change her mind about the decision she made, and Bhavani echoes this sentiment by saying that she is not going to let Sai to remove Vinayak from them. She further mentions that Pakhi will be released from jail and would return to their home after completing her sentence. Sonali, on the other hand, mocks Sai’s behaviour and chastises her for it. She gives her assent to Bhavani’s plan, and Virat and Omkar rush off to save Pakhi from her predicament.

Pakhi expresses her regrets to Virat and begs for their pardon in the following passage. While she sobs and insists that she is deserving of the entirety of the discipline, he turns his back on her. They went back to the house, and when Pakhi was there, she wept and apologised to everyone for her actions, claiming that she had seen all of the errors in her behaviour and had learned from them.

After seeing Pakhi, Devyani loses her cool and completely disregards her. Sonali, on the other hand, demonstrates her worry for the recipient of her attention. While Pakhi is in the upstairs bathroom, she asks Karishma to bring something down for Pakhi to eat. The sight of Sai coming down the stairs with her suitcase and Vinayak causes her to experience a moment of utter shock. She informed all of the members of the family about it, while everyone was taken aback by it.

In addition, the Chavans implore Sai to stop, but she brings up the earlier warning she made. She explains that she cannot continue to be with them since they would never comprehend what she is going through. While Pakhi is rendered speechless and apologises to Sai for her misdeeds, she makes the decision to abduct Vinayak and take him away with her. She is adamant about starting fresh with her and begs her to stay, but she is met with resistance by Pakhi, who is unwilling to regain her confidence. Devyani and Sonali both make an effort to stop the latter and persuade her to reconsider her decision because Vinayak requires a family; nonetheless, the later continues to leave the house despite their efforts.


Precap:- The driver of the bus loses control of the vehicle as all of the passengers experience electric shock. While he has a firm grip on Vinayak, Sai can’t help but be concerned about the scenario. At that precise moment, her phone crashes to the ground, and she immediately begins praying for the wellbeing of her child. Usha is shaken up after learning that the bus has fallen down the cliff, where it had been driving. In the meantime, Ashwini makes the decision to call Usha in order to inquire about Sai. Usha informs Ashwini that Sai was on her way there when an accident occurred involving her bus, which prevented Sai from arriving. She then informs Ashwini about the bus going over the edge of the cliff, while the latter is left speechless by the news.

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