Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [18th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th August 2022 Written Update

The first scene of the episode consists with Sai leaving the Chavans’ home as Virat locks the door behind him and forbids anybody else in the house to speak to Sai. In the meantime, the second party sheds tears while contemplating her choice and later experiences an emotional response when seeing her child. The next thing that happens is that she gives Usha a call to inform her about the situation. She asks her if she can come to her with Vinayak and insists that she get aid in raising her baby, similar to how she assisted her father in raising her. She was raised by her mother and father. When Usha learns about the situation, she is taken aback, and she immediately begins trying to explain to Sai how she went about things incorrectly. She claims that the latter haven’t done the proper thing by leaving the house, to which Sai replies that it is too late to think about that now.

In this part of the conversation, Usha gives Sai her consent to assist her and reassures her that the door to the house is always open for her. After expressing her gratitude to Usha, Sai leaves to the bus stop to continue her journey. She then enters the bus and takes the ticket that was provided to her. While she tries to comfort Vinayak, who won’t stop crying, Virat is devastated by Sai’s choice. She also tries to console Vinayak.

Virat looks at the photograph that was taken of him along with Sai and Vinayak. He experiences a change in his emotional state and continues to stare at it. However, all of a sudden he recalls Sai’s choice, and he isolates her photoframe from the others. In addition to this, he sees Vinayak’s toys and sobs when he does. He is angry with Sai for making such a significant choice and misses both his kid and Sai, but at the same time, he is missing his baby more. He begins breaking her belongings and then removes all of her clothing from the closet.

In another part of the house, Ashwini enters Virat’s room and is taken aback when she sees how he is currently feeling. While he sobs and takes out his frustration on Sai, she tries to comfort him in the midst of his outburst. During this time, Ninad also arrives at the location and reassures Virat while simultaneously holding her. While she is talking about how upset she is with Sai for making such a decision, he sobs on Ashwini’s shoulder while she is talking about how angry she is with Sai.

After Ashwini reveals that Sai has never given them a second thought, she resolves to give her a call. The later party, however, does not pick up the phone when it rings. Bhavani also makes her way there, and she is overcome with emotion after seeing Virat in such a distressed state. She confronts him with the question of why he prevented her from preventing Sai from leaving the building. He then responds that he doesn’t want to have a relationship that is coercive, to which she replies that she understands. He announces that everything that had been going on between them has been resolved thanks to Sai.

As we move forward, Pakhi enters Virat’s room and hands him her phone so that he can contact Sai. She requests that he carry out the task and urges that they discuss their confusion on the matter further. She warns him that it will lead to further tension between them and makes a request of him at the same time that he becomes angry with her and asks that she leave him alone. When he remembers Sai’s choice, he snaps and declares that Sai doesn’t care about his feelings. This causes him to get angry.

The sight of the photographs of Sai and Virat causes Sai to break down and cry. Exactly at that moment, Rajjo boarded the vehicle and immediately began a conversation with Sai. She never stops questioning her, and she always manages to keep her entertained. After that, she says her goodbyes to both of them and implores them not to forget about her. While this is going on, the driver of the bus begins to lose control of the vehicle, which causes the passengers on the bus to begin to freak out. Sai yells for the driver to slow down while she cradles her infant child to shield it from the dangers of the road. She suffers injuries while the bus goes over the edge of the cliff.

On top of everything, Usha learns about the bus accident, which leaves her in a state of shock. She dials Ashwini’s number at once and informs her about it, but Ashwini’s expression remains unchanged throughout the conversation. The next step is for her to inform Virat and the rest of her family about what happened, at which point Virat will rush to the location and begin looking for Sai. He becomes anxious and begins searching for her as Chavans prays for both her and Vinayak’s protection.


As the chapter comes to a close, Sai regains consciousness inside of a hospital and groans in apparent agony. She thinks about Vinayak and makes an effort to locate him, despite the fact that the doctor is urging her to relax. She reveals that Sai sustained severe injuries, yet the latter individual continues to hunt for Vinayak. The physician tells her that she is pregnant and that everything is going to be all right for her unborn child in response to her inquiry regarding her child’s health. While Sai is reeling from the news that the doctor has no information about Vinayak, she reveals that she has no idea who he is.

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