Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [19th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 19th August 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Virat is stunned when he first learns about the fatal tragedy that Sai and Vinayak were involved in at the beginning of the episode. He hurries to the location and continues looking for them there. He asks everyone about Sai and Vinayak and gives everyone a picture of them while doing so, but no one claims to have seen them. When he sees Vinayak’s luggage, he is immediately taken back to the moment when Sai had taken their child and left the house. He is broken and sobs after the experience. In the meantime, Virat is able to muster up his bravery once more and begin hunting for them. He asks the medics and the individuals who came to help the victims, but he does not receive any information about his family from either group.
During this time, Chavans becomes concerned about Sai and Vinayak. They all break down into tears remembering them, but Devyani reassures them that everything would be alright, and that Sai will soon be returning back to their home. While all is going on, Sai regains consciousness and begins looking for her son. She has a headache but continues to walk and asks other passengers about Vinayak, but nobody has any positive things to say about him.

Sai’s world is destroyed when she comes across the lifeless body of a youngster. She takes some time to gather her courage before looking at the face. She sobs inconsolably, unable to come to terms with the fact that her son has passed away. In the meantime, Virat is remembering the battle he had with Sai, and the memory causes him to cry out of pain. After that, he travels away from the area and notices a piece of Sai’s saree that is stuck with a dead body that has been burned.

Virat is upset since he believes that Sai has passed away and begins to cry. He thinks back on the happy times he’s had with Sai and can’t stop crying, but Sai has passed out in front of the doctor and the doctor has taken her to the hospital. Sai once more regains her consciousness, and her anxiety increases as she thinks about Vinayak. She jumps out of bed and immediately begins hunting for her little child.

The physician approaches Sai and makes an attempt to take her in his arms. Because of her injury, she is currently weak, thus she strongly recommends that the other person get some rest. Sai insists that she can maintain her composure until she locates her child, and she inquires of the doctor about whether or not she has seen her child. The response from the physician is that everything seems good for the newborn. She shares the news with Sai that she is expecting a child and assures her that everything is going to be OK for the foetus.
When Sai finds out that she is pregnant, she is taken aback, and she also recalls that she hasn’t been feeling well for the past several days. She sobs while gripping her stomach and accusing God of being responsible for her predicament. At that moment, she imagines Virat standing in front of her and blaming her for Vinayak’s passing away. She falls apart and then makes a life-changing decision as a result.

While everyone is in disbelief, Virat breaks the news to his family about Sai’s passing. Everyone loses it and starts crying over her passing away. Virat carries out the final rites for Sai, but Pakhi too suffers a devastating loss. Virat starts to feel numb as he thinks about losing Sai and starts to reflect on the good times they shared together.

In addition, some time later, while Savi, Sai’s daughter, is standing in front of a tree, she notices a snake. She hopes that her father will return, but at that moment, Sai appears and scolds her daughter for being so careless among the snakes. She warns her that it could be harmful to her, while the other responds by asking about her father and stating that she wants him. Savi is comforted by Sai’s tears as she explains to her that her mother is her only parent outside her father.


Virat engages in conversation with Vinu while the latter notifies him about heading to a camp. Virat asks him if he is confident that he will be able to remain there without him. In response, Vinu gives a positive response. On the other hand, the director of the camp asked Sai to serve as the camp’s official physician for the children. She alerts Sai that the children are emerging from the Nagpur school, while Sai remains mute. During this time, Virat makes the decision to surprise Vinu by telling him that he can’t survive without him for very long.

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