Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [25th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 25th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Savi becomes upset because the message that was written on the tree is being rubbed off by the rain. She begs Sai to trust her and declares that her father will be arriving at their home very soon, all the while Sai becomes overcome with emotion and begins to bring Savi back there. While everything was going on, Virat was driving his car at us from the opposite direction. A woman arrives at that location at that time, and she begins by lamenting the fact that her husband is always abusing her. She then informs Sai that she does not wish to continue living with him, and she asks for her assistance. The latter becomes enraged at the man and makes up her mind to show him who’s boss; in addition, she decides to bring the other woman along for the ride. During this time, Virat and Sai are both wishing they could meet one another again.

In this part of the conversation, Vinayak and Savi talk about their respective families. The latter informs her that his father was an officer in the Indian Police Service, which causes Savi to feel elated. She suggests that it’s possible her father doesn’t get any vacation time, which is why he wasn’t able to go to meet her because he couldn’t take time off work. Vinayak says that whenever one of them goes on vacation, the other begins to reflect about life. When this occurred, two thugs arrived at the location and attempted to kidnap Savi and Vinayak.

Vinayak pushes one of the goons away and protects himself, while Savi bites one of the goons on the hand, causing him to scream. The goons attempt to hold both of the children, but Vinayak saves himself by pushing one of the goons away. The thugs became enraged and attempted to capture Savi once more. Meanwhile, one of them had Vinayak in his grasp and was ready to beat him when Virat arrived to save his kid. He tries to reassure his youngster before encouraging him to stand up. While Vinayak and Savi are overjoyed to finally meet him, he assuages their concerns by reassuring them that everything would be all right.

In another part of the story, Virat asks the goon to return Savi to him, but the goon refuses. The thugs begin a fight with Virat when he is giving them a valuable lesson, and he uses the opportunity to teach them a lesson. He gives the goons a sound beating until they are bloody and bruised, at which point they begin to flee the area. He chases after them from behind and eventually catches up to them. Savi is launched into the air by the goon, and Virat is there to catch and protect her. Savi expresses her gratitude to Virat, as he continues to have her in his back.

While Virat continues to fight the goons with Savi hanging in his back, Savi clenches his fists around Virat’s waist and holds him securely. She is making the most of the opportunity and continues to cheer Virat on. The thugs pass out as Virat is on the phone with the police station reporting their whereabouts and letting them know about the situation. The authorities arrive on the scene and place the thugs who were responsible for the kidnapping under arrest.

In the next scene, Vinayak introduces Virat to Savi as Vinayak’s father expresses his gratitude to Savi for rescuing his son. She expresses her excitement for being a police officer, and then she beats the goons herself, all while Virat and Vinayak giggle at her antics because they are watching her. Virat not only sees the principal but also the other teachers, and they all express their appreciation to him.

Along with Vinayak and Savi, Virat climbs into the passenger seat of his vehicle. He enjoys as Savi keeps talking to him. While they are driving towards a store, she orders him to park the car and then continues her nonstop chatting, and he can’t help but chuckle at her. He stays with her when she attacks Lord Ganesha, along with Lord Shiva and Parvati as well. She maintains that she always takes a happy family and states that Lord Ganesha is alone with his parents.

In addition, after eating the modak that was in Savi’s lunchbox, Virat begins to experience a range of strong emotions. He thinks back to the times he spent with Sai and asks about Savi’s mother. She was about to tell him the name of Savi’s mother when she noticed that they were quite a far away from her house and asked him to make a sharp right turn. While Sai is trying to decide whether or not to use the vermillion, he drops her off at the residence and then continues to struggle with his decision. She decides not to use it and announces that she is moving on from her previous relationship while Savi tells Sai that the police are assisting her and takes her outside to show Virat, but Virat leaves because he has some work to do. She stops herself from using it and declares that she is moving away from her previous relationship. When Sai gets a call from Savi’s principal, she discovers that someone attempted to abduct Savi, which causes her to feel terrified.


Sonali is questioned by the servant regarding the location of the floral arrangement responsibilities. To which she responds by telling him to inquire with the patriarch of the household. He approaches Shivani and asks the same question, to which she responds with a sarcastic laugh and instructs him to ask the patriarch of the family. After that, he advances towards Bhavani, while she also moves towards the same direction and responds in the same manner by sending him towards Pakhi. Bhavani claims that Pakhi Chavan is the head of their family due to the fact that she has successfully managed everything throughout their history. Ashwini also visits the location, and while she is there, she gives Pakhi some sweets and compliments Pakhi on the excellent job that she is doing of looking for Virat and Vinayak. Shivani and Sonali also express their gratitude to Pakhi. Pakhi, on the other hand, claims that Virat and Vinayak will be there in a matter of seconds, and at that very moment, the doorbell rings.

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