Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [26th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 26th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Sai entering Gulabrao’s office. She confronts him about his attempt to kidnap Savi, and she becomes enraged with him for his behavior. She warns him that if he ever tries to hurt Savi again, she won’t leave him even if he ignores her warning and stays away from her daughter. She also asks him to keep his distance from her daughter. He says with a sneer that she won’t be able to do anything to him because he is the MLA, and then he laughs. He declares that he possesses sufficient ability to save himself, but at the same time, he warns her not to accompany him on his journey or else she will be responsible for the consequences. While she is becoming furious at him, she issues a final warning to him, but he continues to talk about her spouse. While he is talking to her husband, he tells him that he has never seen her with her husband before, which causes her husband to get nervous.

Gulabrao notes the shift in Sai’s demeanor after learning about her spouse and begins to talk about him while she lashes out at him and declares that she will teach him a lesson. After shooting him a look of disapproval, she leaves the area while he smirks and instructs his men to investigate Sai’s history. He claims that there is something connected to her marriage, and he has decided to use it as a weapon against her.

Virat reveals to Vinayak that he had the intention of speaking with Savi’s mother but was unable to do so because of the circumstances. In the meantime, the principal arrives at the school and announces that she works there exclusively and will get there in a few minutes. Before leaving that location, Virat and Vinayak express their eagerness to finally meet Savi, and Sai rides Savi to school on her bicycle while the two of them are distracted by their excitement. The latter ask Sai to ride quickly because they were running late, but at that moment the chain of the cycle breaks, and Sai begins repairing it.

In a different part of the story, Savi is overcome with regret as she considers the fact that she won’t be able to meet Vinayak. During this time, Virat receives a phone call from his supervisor, who asks him to return to the office as soon as possible to manage the Ganesh program. He gives Vinayak an update on his work and informs him that they have to depart immediately. Virat comforts him by assuring him that he will see Savi once more very soon. He shows signs of being unhappy. He forces Vinayak to remain seated inside the vehicle while the latter continues searching for Savi.

While Savi becomes increasingly agitated, Sai gets back on her bike and continues to ride beside her. When they arrived at the school, the Principal informed them that Vinayak and his father had already left the building. Savi is dejected and finds herself becoming emotional, but Sai is able to explain to her that he must have had some important task and that is why he departed without meeting her.

Up ahead, Sai gives his word that Vinayak and Savi would be together as quickly as possible. While all is going on, the principal hands Savi a letter from Vinayak, and Savi, upon reading his number, hugs her mother and expresses her excitement. While all is going on, Ninad is taking a look at the preparations that have been made to commemorate Bhavani’s triumph. After instructing the servant to retain the cutout of Bhavani, he then goes inside the house.

Karishma arrives at the scene and misbehaves with Mohit and Sonali, prompting Sonali to become enraged and reprimand Karishma. Mohit then asks Omkar to enjoy his retirement and to have faith in him. After that, she prepares breakfast for her son before sending him off to his job. In the meantime, Sonali responds to a servant who asks her where he will be required to keep the flowers by telling him to inquire with the head of the family. He gets closer to Shivani while she laughs at him and responds in kind, all the while he is doing the same.

After that, the servant makes his way towards Bhavani, and she tells him to report to Pakhi while also declaring that she is the leader of the family. Ashwini also makes an appearance there, and while she is there, she lauds Pakhi for taking care of Vinayak and Virat in addition to the rest of the family and for ensuring that everything is handled beautifully. She declares that Bhavani will always be their head, and when Shivani asks whether she is waiting for her son, she responds by saying that he will enter the house in a few moments. At precisely the same time, Virat and Vinayak arrive, at which point everyone becomes ecstatic upon seeing them. Pakhi expresses her love for Vinayak and tells him that she has been thinking about him a great deal.


Virat is the one who is carrying the idol of Lord Ganesh, and Vinayak is the one who is following him. The Chavan household is in the midst of celebrating the Ganesh holiday, and the ladies can be seen grinning as they look at Virat and Vinayak. On the other hand, Sai and Usha join in the festivities of the festival, and Jagtap and Savi participate in the dances. While Virat is bringing the God inside their home, Pakhi is taken aback when she sees a photo of Sai and Savi.

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