Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [27th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 27th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Pakhi is shown showering attention and care on Vinayak after he has returned home from school. Virat, on the other hand, enters his room and is greeted by a photograph depicting his and Pakhi’s wedding. After that, he rearranges his belongings on the side of the bed that is his, and he begins to change into a new attire. While this is going on, Pakhi also arrives at the location, but as soon as she sees Virat, she leaves. When she was on the verge of leaving that location, he stopped her and asked her to stay, explaining that it was also her room there. She turns her back on him and sits there staring at the images of them together. Tears well up in her eyes, but she manages to keep them under control. She then inquires of him regarding whether or not he will go to carry the idol of Lord Ganesh to the celebration. In response, he gives a good response and explains that since he always brings it with him, he will do the same thing this time as well.

At this point, Virat leaves the room after giving Pakhi a straightforward response, and Pakhi tries to distract herself from her sadness by getting some work done. While Sai laughs and tells Savi to hold still, Savi begs that Sai get her ready as quickly as possible. Sai, on the other hand, tells Savi to hold still. She then asks Savi to go after she has finished fixing her hair. When the latter observes Jagtap coming there to play the drums, they become ecstatic. While she is running towards him and beginning to dance, he yells her name repeatedly.

As the idol of Lord Ganesh is brought into the house, Sai, along with the other women, stands there to greet it. Usha claims that she is unable to believe that it is the same Jagtap, who was formerly such a malicious person. She asserts that he has undergone a complete transformation at this point, and Sai concurs with her assessment. While this is going on, Virat also comes with the Lord idol, and he is accompanied by Vinayak. The ladies of Chavans grin as they watch the excitement, and they stand there ready to greet them when they arrive.

Pakhi does the puja for Virat while he is holding the God’s statue in another location. When he thinks back to the time he spent with Sai, he wells up with emotion but manages to keep it under control. After entering the home, he sets the idol on the altar in the center of the room. They begin the puja, and with one notable exception, everyone participates in it. Karishma is left out of it entirely. Mohit becomes irritated by her behavior and asks her to focus on the puja, yet she continues to chuckle whenever she sees her phone.

Sonali asks Omkar to perform the puja, but he becomes enraged and proclaims that he would do whatever he wants regardless of what she asks him to do. Meanwhile, Karishma chooses to ignore Mohit’s guidance. In the meantime, Sai is also performing the puja, and everyone compliments the fact that her idol is the most elaborately decked out of the others. Savi is adamant that Jagtap should come into their home, but he chooses to wait outside and reassures Savi that he is OK.

Ahead, Usha looks at Sai and pleads that she should forgive Jagtap, but Sai remembers how he killed Samrat, and she refuses to allow him come inside her house. Usha is confused by Sai’s response. She reassures him that everything is going to be great while they are outside, and Savi approaches him as the two of them begin to take pleasure in themselves. During this time, Savi moves the idols of Lord Shiva and Parvati so that they are next to Lord Ganesha. She then declares that they are now a happy family. While Sai is feeling down, she shares with Usha the message that her father had written on the tree and tells Usha that her father had left it there.

Savi is desperate to see her father, so she prays to God to bring him to her. She declares that she always prays for it and reassures Usha that in due course, her father would most certainly come to her. Usha pities Savi and encourages Sai to be honest with her, but Sai continues to lie to her. Usha’s feelings are validated when Sai continues to lie. She announces that Savi will have to go through life without her father, and that she herself will have to come to terms with this reality. She makes it clear that she has no intention of revealing any information about her history to Savi.

Additionally, Pakhi becomes concerned for Vinayak’s wellbeing and asks him to sit, but he declines the offer. Then, he suddenly remembers something, and he opens his luggage to get the idol of Lord Shiva and Parvati. He places it close to Lord Ganesh and claims that it was a gift from his good buddy Savi. When Pakhi hears the name, she flashes a happy smile, and Vinayak pulls a picture of Sai and Savi out of his bag at the same time.


Ashwini shares with Virat that she has always prayed that he will forget the last thing that has caused him sorrow. On the other hand, Sai claims that she has moved on from her relationship with Virat and that she no longer thinks about him. She maintains that he never made an effort to locate her and that their relationship was over long before the tragedy occurred, all of which are assertions she makes in her statement.

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