Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [29th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 29th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Usha pleading with Sai to tell Savi about her dad. She encourages Virat to let go of her resentment toward Sai and tells her that he is doing inappropriately by preventing Savi from seeing Virat. On the other hand, Sai vehemently disagrees and insists that she will never forgive Virat for his actions and would never do so in the future. She claims that her first kid, Vinayak, died as a result of him, and that he could have saved her son’s life if he had only followed her instructions and not freed Pakhi out of jail. She also claims that he would not have bailed Pakhi out of jail if he had agreed to her decision. When she thinks back to the horrifying experience, she can’t help but let out a sob, and Usha’s concern for her can be seen on her face. The latter asserts that at this point, all of her attention is concentrated on Savi.

In this part of the conversation, Sai reveals that all she wants for Savi is for her to develop her own capabilities and become self-reliant, so that she would have no dependence on other people in her life and will be able to accomplish anything on her own. On the other hand, Usha retorts that just because they are independent doesn’t imply that they have to live all by themselves and never interact with other people. Sai falls silent as Usha continues to press her to reflect on the advise that she provided.

According to Sai, if Virat had cared for her, he would have gone looking for her. If he had done so, he would have found her. She wipes her tears away and then tells him that he does not require her presence in his life. Usha explains to Sai that some individuals only come to terms with their error once the offending party is no longer in their lives. She tries to encourage Sai to change her mind so that she can return to Virat, but Sai remains steadfast in her choice.

In a different part of the room, Ashwini is seen seated next to Virat, and she inquires of him about what it is that he desires most from God. To this she responds with a smile and the comment that she hopes Vinayak will get better soon. Ashwini wants to know why he would ask for something for himself. In response, he maintains his silence as she expresses concern for him and urges him to proceed with the next phase of his life.

Ashwini explains that she simply cannot bear to watch him endure pain as a result of his history and then beg him to forget Sai. She makes it clear how much she despises the second person and holds her responsible for Vinayak’s passing. Virat also gets teary eyes and condemns himself of causing the deaths of Sai and his first child, Vinayak. Ashwini tries to explain to him that he is not to blame for everything that occurred because Sai made the decision that resulted in everything going wrong.

Ahead, Ashwini weeps and says that she will never be able to forgive Sai, not even after she has passed away, for robbing Virat of his joy, while he responds that he never anticipated that she would leave his life. Ashwini believes that she would never be able to forgive Sai even after she has passed away. While he brags about the fact that he only has to watch after Vinayak, Ashwini points out that this is all thanks to Pakhi. She encourages Virat to give Pakhi and his relationship a second opportunity by telling him to do so.

Ashwini says that she has watched Pakhi change in all those years and asks Virat to give love to her because she deserves it, but Virat rejects claiming that he is unable to love anybody other than Sai and states that he cannot love anyone else. Savi, on the other side, overhears Sai’s talk with Usha and their queries regarding Virat, all the while Virat is managing the issue.

In addition, Ninad takes pictures of Virat, Vinayak, and Pakhi while Virat moves away from Ninad and avoids eye contact with her. Ashwini starts to worry about her son and starts crying as a result of her worry. On the other hand, Vinayak experiences some discomfort, and Virat, together with Pakhi, attends to his needs. She was going to administer the medicine to him, but he refused to take it and instead asked her to retrieve the ointment that Sai had given her from his bag. When Pakhi sees a picture of Sai and Savi together, she immediately hurries to retrieve the ointment.


Vinayak continues to talk about Sai and Savi while Pakhi applies the ointment to Vinayak’s leg. Precap: Pakhi does this while Vinayak is talking. He states that the latter even helped save him from the bullies and boasts that they are very kind people. Gulabrao, on the other hand, is able to enter Sai’s home and witnesses the woman instructing the other women there. He engages in confrontation with her while she retaliates angrily against him. Vinayak, on the other hand, receives a call from Savi and becomes ecstatic, while Pakhi stares at him with tearful eyes.

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