Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [2nd September 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Gulabrao interfering with the Ganesh festival and beginning to speak about Sai on the stage. He then takes the Mike and begins to tell him about Sai, at which point Mike becomes concerned about the impact that this will have on Sai and asks her to leave the area, which she flatly refuses to do. Gulabrao says that Sai has a dishonourable character and accuses him of having one. He asserts that she does not have a husband and then asks her to identify Savi’s biological parentage by posing the question, “Who is Savi’s dad?” Sai becomes enraged at Gulabrao, and at the same time, Jagtap becomes agitated and decides to give Gulabrao a lesson; however, Sai interrupts Jagtap and asks him not to interfere in her affair. Sai is the one who was wronged.

While Gulabrao is speaking negatively about the connection between Sai and Jagtap, Jagtap steps aside and gives him the cold shoulder while Gulabrao is talking about Sai and Jagtap. He claims that not only Jagtap but also Sai have extramarital affairs and are in relationships with a number of other men. The latter individual becomes irate against Gulabrao and engages in a confrontation with him. On the other hand, Savi becomes upset when she hears negative things about her mother, and she asks Sai to respond to Gulabrao’s criticism.

Sai passionately confronts Gulabrao and tells him that if he truly wants to know about Savi’s father, then she will reveal the identity of Savi’s biological father to him. She shoots a look in Gulabrao’s direction and reveals that she is, in fact, Savi’s biological father. Sai taunts Gulabrao and claims that he doesn’t even have respect for himself, and Gulabrao responds by smirking and saying that he was correct in his charges.

In another part of her narrative, Sai describes how Gulabrao intimidated her, and how, when she turned down his offer of help, he began to accuse her of doing something wrong. She comes clean about the situation right in front of everyone, and everyone reacts with surprise. When Sai asks her female pupils to talk about how they were frightened by Gulabrao invading their classes with his goons, Gulabrao becomes anxious. Sai’s question causes Gulabrao to become tense as well.

When Gualabrao realised that he was about to be found out, he fled the scene after issuing a stern warning to Sai. Sai, on the other hand, gave him a fitting response before beginning the Ganesh festival celebrations. She receives further power and empowerment from the God, while Savi confronts the former about her father when they have arrived at their residence.

Ahead, Sai tells Sai that she needs to retire to her room, but the latter becomes defiant and continues to inquire about Sai’s father. She claims that every other child has a father, so why shouldn’t she have one? Savi is the target of Sai’s anger, which she expresses by yelling at her. Savi receives a reprimand from Usha for her actions, after which Usha leads Savi into the room. While this is going on, Bhavani glances across at Mohit, and he gives her some kind of indication. Shivani is the recipient of the tickets that he hands over.

Sonali asks Karishma questions as she comes in from the outside, while Karishma becomes increasingly concerned. She sidesteps the inquiries and joins the rest of the family while, in the meantime, Shivani hands the tickets over to Bhavani so she may stay hidden from Virat. When he expresses his suspicions about it and asks Bhavani about it, Bhavani responds by fabricating a lie and suggesting that Pakhi and Virat go on an adventure. As soon as he sees it, his anger is aroused, and he scolds Pakhi for doing it. Pakhi, on the other hand, is taken aback because she had no idea what was going on.

In addition, Virat lashes out at Pakhi while she explains that she wasn’t involved in the incident. Pakhi continues to deny any involvement. After that, she continues by elaborating on the concern that the family has for them. She states that she is aware that Virat still has feelings for Sai and that she suffers every day because she has to bear the truth. She also says that she knows Virat. She continues by stating that their family is concerned about them and as a result has considered assisting them in establishing a new beginning with the support of others. She sobs openly in front of Virat as she expresses how much it hurts her to see him in misery on a daily basis.


Virat admits to Pakhi that he was wrong, and he thanks Pakhi for everything she has done for him and their family. He expresses regret to her for the fact that he has never shown appreciation for or comprehension of the sacrifices that she has made. While she looks up at him with anticipation, he tells her that he wants to begin a new beginning with her. She stares at him with anticipation. On the other hand, Sai assures Usha that Virat will never search for her or come across her. Usha is curious about what Sai will get up to if he visits, so she questions him about it. Virat, on the other hand, makes the conscious decision to continue his life with Pakhi.

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