Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [30th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 30th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Pakhi and Virat are expressing their concern for Vinayak. He groans in discomfort when Pakhi attempts to provide the medication to him, but he insists on continuing to refuse it. He tells her that he will only use the ointment that was given to him by Savi’s mother and he asks her to bring it to him. Pakhi leaves to retrieve the ointment from Vinayak’s bag at the same time as the image of Sai and Savi flies away from where it was, and Pakhi is unable to see it. In the meantime, Virat expresses concern for Vinayak and reassures him that things will work out. Pakhi eventually makes her way there and applies the ointment on Vinayak’s leg at that moment. She finds herself in a difficult situation and questions whether or not they are acting appropriately by making use of the cream that was prescribed by an unfamiliar physician.

During this part of the conversation, Virat informs Pakhi that Savi’s mother has been of great assistance to Vinayak and reassures Pakhi that it is safe to place her trust in her. He describes how Savi rescued Vinayak when he was in danger, and how her mother cured him when he was hurt. Both of these occurrences took place after Vinayak had been harmed. He states that Vinayak became linked to them in a relatively short amount of time, and Pakhi becomes surprised upon learning this information.

Pakhi confronts Virat about the attack on Vinayak and asks him why he hasn’t told about it to her yet. Pakhi wants to know why he hasn’t told her about it. While she vents her rage at him and leaves the scene, Vinayak opens out to Virat about how he feels about the situation. While this is going on, Jagtap gives Savi the signal to approach him. He refused her invitation to come inside her house despite her repeated requests to do so. After that, she walks out towards him in order to inquire him what the issue is.

Savi asks the query in another part of the story, “Why doesn’t Jagtap come inside their house?” The latter responds that he is afraid of Sai, which is the first line in the exchange. He declares that if she sees him in front of her, then she will definitely eat him raw, and he then proceeds to threaten her. During the time that Savi is listening to him explain things, he is handing her a present. She chuckles. She gets quite pleased when she sees a toy gun, and she immediately begins playing with it. Meanwhile, he gives her another present and forces her to wear the sunglasses.

Savi begins to behave in a manner consistent with that of a law enforcement official, and Jagtap takes pleasure in observing her happiness. During that time, Savi reveals the details of her captivity to Jagtap, who becomes incensed upon knowing about it and makes the decision to teach both the thugs and the mastermind behind the assault a valuable lesson. In the meantime, Virat becomes concerned for Pakhi when he realises that she has forgotten to take her medication. While she expresses her wrath against him and questions him about why he started keeping secrets about Vinayak, he tells her to focus on taking care of her health.

In the following, Pakhi discusses how she reacts when Vinayak does not share anything with her and when Virat also stops telling her about her son. Both of these events have occurred recently. Virat demonstrates his compassion for her and gives her his word that he will make amends for his error. The next thing he does is talk about Savi, and he smiles as he proclaims how much fun they had with her. Pakhi thinks back to the time when Sai and Virat made the decision to continue using Sai as their daughter’s given name, and she shares this memory with him as he enters the flashback.

While Sai is putting up a tough fight against Gulabrao, he manages to enter into her residence. He tells Sai that he has come to receive the God’s blessings and then begins to pray in front of Sai while keeping a close check on what he is doing. He informs her about his ambition to one day develop a resort for vacationers while he gives her an offer to buy a home from him. He offers her a bribe in order to get her to give up on her goal of opening a hospital there and asks her to give up on her dream. She becomes really irate against him, and she requests to leave the room. While he is trying to get her to reconsider her choice, she is insulting him and refusing to back down from her stance.

Pakhi then presses Mohit with additional questions regarding the business transaction while Mohit elaborates on the complexities involved. She makes a decision and asks him not to lower the fee, but Omkar is against it and announces that they need to please their customers. She goes ahead and makes the decision. Pakhi declines his advice and expresses concern that following it could result in financial loss in the long run, while Mohit acknowledges her point of view. Bhavani lavishes praise on Pakhi before the latter exits the room to start preparing the meal. While this is going on, Bhavani and Sonali are both yelling at Omkar for being so irritating.


Bhavani informs Vinayak that he needs a younger sibling because he constantly chanting about Savi. She says this to him while they are in the cave. She then asks Virat and Pakhi to meet his desire, at which point both of them become frightened and try to avoid looking at each other. While everything is going on, Savi gives Vinayak a call, and Sai is left wondering who it is that she could possibly be phoning so late at night. When Vinayak and Virat both notice Savi, they both rush to welcome her. Vinayak’s excitement is contagious. While Sai and Savi are having their conversation with Vinayak, Virat comes in to join his son, and both of them are surprised to see their father there. Pakhi, on the other hand, is rendered speechless by this turn of events.

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