Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [3rd December 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2022 Written Update On Written

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd December 2022

In Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein, Virat and Sai meeting in front of Savi and Vinayak’s school. The latter begins to discuss his work. He notifies Sai that the idea he presented to help the policemen has been approved by his superiors. Sai gets excited and credits Virat for getting him to pass it in such a short time. She proclaims that it was only thanks to her hard work that her idea was instantly approved, to which he denies and credits her. She claims that everyone loved her plan and agreed. Meanwhile, at that time Pakhi reaches there and sees them together.

Here, Pakhi stands between Sai and Virat, while the latter steps back to give Virat and Pakhi privacy. The latter asks Virat what he was discussing with Sai. To which he replies that they were talking about things related to work. She gives a sarcastic smile and asks if he ruined their important discussion. She also taunts him that she can’t cheat on her.

Pakhi taunts Virat saying that he and Sai had less time in office that they even started to continue their official work at the school. Virat tries to explain the matter to Pakhi and tells him that he is doing everything wrong. He grows frustrated with her suspicions and proclaims that there is nothing he can do to make her believe in him.

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Elsewhere, Pakhi states that Virat should have thought about his arguments and problems before signing the deal with Sai. She proclaims that her decision will cause problems in her life as he watches. He then tries to change the subject and asks what she is doing at Vinayak’s school. To which she replies that if she can’t go there?

Virat claims that Pakhi can go wherever he wants. Meanwhile, at that time the school ends and Vinayak goes out together with Savi. They both go towards his parents, while Vinayak is overjoyed to see his parents. He then excitedly recounts all the things he did at school, while Savi insists on going with Virat in her car.

Go ahead, Virat agrees to comply with Savi’s request. He sits with others inside the car and then asks if they also study at his school. To which Vinayak answers in the affirmative and then tells about his associated project. Pakhi intentionally displays his authority over Virat and proclaims that they are great at doing projects. Meanwhile, Pakhi claims that they can do the project in Vinayak’s room, but Sai refuses to go to Chavan’s house. Savi insists that Virat do it at her house, while he agrees.

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Pakhi is shocked by Virat’s decision. Meanwhile, Ashwini goes to talk to Vinayak and finds out about the affair. Ninad also overhears the conversation and they both get worried about Pakhi and Virat’s relationship. While Bhavani stands up for Pakhi and says that he is doing the right thing by keeping an eye on Sai and Virat. She shows her support towards the latter.

Also, Pakhi and Virat argue due to his decision. He proclaims that he has no feelings for Sai as she questions why she doesn’t value her suggestions. At that time, Mohit reaches there and notifies about the important meeting and states that Pakhi should be there. She gets into a dilemma and tries to cancel the meeting, but Virat declares that she will attend the meeting. She worries about leaving Virat alone with Sai. While Usha is overjoyed to hear about Sai’s first day of work, while the latter thinks about Pakhi and Virat’s relationship. She gets upset saying that Pakhi intentionally tries to show his wife’s rights over Virat.


Pakhi walks into Chavan’s house along with restless Mohit. She asks Ashwini if ​​Virat is back. To which the latter denies and expresses her concern. While Pakhi gets tense and decides to check into Sai’s house. She enters the latter’s house and is shocked after seeing Virat without his shirt. While the latter is also stunned to see her and looks between Sai and her.

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