Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [5th September 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Gulabrao and his soldiers are getting ready to instruct Sai in some life lessons. The latter grins to himself as he considers his plan and announces that Sai will be the one to take responsibility for the consequence of her error. When he thinks back to the ways in which she was disrespectful toward him, he becomes enraged and then makes the decision that he is not going to leave her. His thugs, meanwhile, guarantee that his scheme will be successful before evacuating the premises. During this time, Sai travels to Gayatri’s location, where she finds out more details regarding the difficult birth. However, despite her best efforts, her husband Haria does not allow her to enter the house so that he can provide assistance to their daughter.

At this point, Haria and some other goons stand in Sai’s way in order to prevent her from seeing Gayatri. The latter states that he does not want Sai to be in the vicinity of his wife or child, whilst she asserts that the Gayatri requires her presence or else she will not be able to complete it. She implores the latter to comprehend, but he refuses to believe that she is telling the truth.

Sai’s temper flares, and he immediately begins to fight back against the thugs. She makes up her mind to walk inside and fight for Gayatri, taking a position for her friend. She issues a warning to the men, and at that moment, a woman steps out and explains that the situation with Gayatri and the baby is really serious. When she sees Sai, she becomes enraged and begs Haria to not let her into the house.

In another part of the world, Sai musters all her strength to speak out against them. Haria is persuaded by a man to let Sai to enter the building after the man explains to him that Sai is willing to take the blame for anything that goes wrong and urges him to let her in. Haria gives in and accepts the condition that has been set, but Sai’s concern grows as she observes the current state of affairs. When she discovers the issues, she immediately begins to freak out.

Gulabrao learns that Sai has taken on all of the burden and is currently attempting to save Gayatri and the baby. In addition to this, he discovers that the situation is quite difficult, and the odds of him surviving are not very good. As soon as it becomes clear that Sai will not be able to rescue Gayatri, he can’t help but smile as he considers the humiliation and expulsion that he would inflict upon Sai. whereas the latter remembers the time of her delivery as well as how she dealt with all of the difficulties and aches that she had during that time.

Up ahead, Sai urges Gayatri to birth their child by pushing on her stomach. She uses this as a way to motivate the latter and declares that they require a hospital in their location, in order to carry out situations of this nature. In the meantime, Sai finally manages to successfully deliver the baby and experiences an overwhelming sense of joy as a result. While everything is going on, Virat and Pakhi inform Chavans that they would be visiting Savi and her mother in order to discuss Vinayak’s therapy.

Vinayak is looking forward to meeting Savi, while Bhavani is curious about the trip that Virat and Pakhi are taking. Pakhi’s response to Bhavani’s inquiry is that she is free to go on the trip whenever she wants, but she insists that Vinayak comes first in her life. Vinayak is Pakhi’s first priority. The news brings joy to everyone, while Virat strikes up a conversation with Pakhi and offers her some ice cream. Pakhi expresses her gratitude to Virat. They make the most of the time that they have together and enjoy it to the fullest.

In addition, Vinayak tells Savi that he will soon be there, and he expresses his delight at the prospect of finally seeing her. Pakhi then reveals to them that they are required to schedule a meeting with Savi’s mother, despite the fact that the latter invites them to drop by whenever they like. Pakhi has a good time chatting with Savi because she finds her adorable and it makes her laugh. However, Savi hands the phone to Usha, and Pakhi and Usha experience a sense of recognition while speaking to one another over the phone.


Virat and Vinayak are about to leave for Kankauli when the previous scene ends with them getting into the automobile. This individual cannot contain her excitement over finally meeting Savi and her mother. He gives Sai a call and informs her that he and his father will soon be arriving at her residence in order to receive treatment from her. She breaks out in an ecstatic smile and begs him to hurry up and get there. After that, he interrogates her regarding the address while maintaining the phone’s speaker mode so that Virat may hear the location. In the meantime, Sai will present herself to Virat, who will be taken aback upon hearing her name and hearing her voice. He calls her by name as she, like everyone else, is taken aback.

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