Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [6th September 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 6th September 2022 Written Update On


The episode start with:

Pakhi is shown conversing with Savi , and she appears to be enjoying their chat. After that, she makes the decision to have a meeting with her mother and asks the former whether there is somebody more experienced living in their home. The result of which is that Savi hands the phone to Usha. Pakhi is conversing with Usha, who recognises a resemblance in Pakhi’s voice to someone she knows from Kankauli. Usha reveals this to Pakhi, to which Pakhi responds that she has never been to Kankauli and is therefore unable to recognise them. She goes on to discuss how Savi’s mother treated Vinayak, after which Usha invites her to visit anytime she and Savi feel like it. They put an end to the call, and now Vinayak is looking forward to finally meeting Savi.

As this point in the story unfolds, Virat returns to his room and finds Vinayak and Pakhi engaged in conversation about something. When he asked about the situation, she responded that it was something that should be kept between a mother and her son. They are having a good time together as a family, and Virat is showing them the things that he got for them. He hands Vinayak’s refreshments to him and then displays the presents he brought for Savi before leaving.

Pakhi experiences a surge of emotion upon seeing the back cushion that has been provided for her, and she turns to gaze at Virat. In response, Virat tells her that he has witnessed her fighting against the agony. When she realises how much he means to her, it fills her with joy and thankfulness. Between now and then, the two of them intend to go to Kankauli together. In addition, Virat communicates with the host about the guest house he had reserved, and he makes the decision to spend some time with his family.

In other places, women are complimenting Sai on her ability to successfully complete such a difficult delivery. They recount the story to Haria about how Sai was able to save Gayatri and the baby. The latter had an emotional breakdown and expresses regret to Sai for having questioned her capabilities. She speaks to them about the significance of having a hospital in the village, and although they express their support for the idea, the goon of Gulabrao continues to provoke them against Sai. On the other hand, when the latter sees Sai, he becomes incensed because his plan has been unsuccessful.

When Sai gets back to her house, she finds Savi getting very excited about Vinayak’s presence there. While Sai is assisting Savi in creating modaks, she briefs Sai on the latest developments. While Mohit is telling Pakhi about the difficulties they are experiencing in their business, they are getting thrilled to receive Vinayak and his family. The news stuns her, and she immediately inquires about what’s going on.

Up ahead, Chavans scolds Mohit for being incapable of handling a minor situation, as he notifies that how the customer filed a fake case against them. Mohit’s inability to handle the matter is the focus of Chavans’s criticism. Pakhi responds by stating that the treatment of Vinayak is the most important thing for her, and that she can’t miss it. This causes him to become concerned, and he then explains the potential outcomes. She finds herself in a state of upheaval while Omkar reassures her that he would handle the problem.

Chavans and Mohit both say that they do not trust Omkar, and they urge that Pakhi should accept responsibility for the situation. She found herself in a difficult situation, yet she was unable to choose a course of action. As everyone feels sorry for her, she goes inside the building. She is brought back to all of the reassuring words that Virat had said to her as well as the memory of how the two of them had intended to spend some quality time together. When she thinks about the challenging circumstance, she becomes disheartened and finds herself in a difficult scenario.

In addition, Virat enters Pakhi’s chamber and tries to comfort her there. He gives his word that he will look out for Vinayak and that he will keep her informed about what is going on with the situation. Pakhi was inspired by him, and he encouraged her by stating that she is the only one who can successfully run the company. While she looks at him with a smile, he gives her encouragement to demonstrate to the client that she is reputable. He is successful in persuading her to take care of the business situation, and he makes the decision to bring Vinayak along with him to Kankauli.


Virat and Vinayak have arrived in Kankauli. He makes his way to Savi and dumps her off at the event along with a few other girls. During this moment, Pakhi phones him, and he informs Pakhi that he is currently waiting to meet Savi’s mother. During this time, everybody starts dancing and rejoicing, and Virat and Savi join in on the fun. Vinayak, on the other hand, is dancing with Sai. Virat yells for Savi to come towards her as she runs towards Sai despite the torrential rain that has begun to fall. During this time, Sai has turned her attention to Virat and her favourites, who are both drawn to one another. The two of them were taken aback when they saw each other.

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