Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [8th August 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th August 2022 Written Update onĀ

At the beginning of the episode, Sai and Virat are seen carrying their child while visibly overcome with emotion. While Sai is treating Pakhi, she brings her into her room to continue their conversation. During this time, Sai and Virat have a conversation about the baby, and they decide to name him Vinayak. Pakhi regains consciousness and is able to listen in on their conversation even as they leave her room to give her some space and time to relax. Pakhi gets out of bed and follows them, but as she does, she grimaces in discomfort, which causes Virat to feel concerned for her. He suggests that she take a nap inside her room, but she refuses and instead chooses to sit in the hallway with them. Pakhi gets some assistance from Virat in locating a comfortable position on the sofa after Sai grants her wish and agrees to grant it.

In this part of the conversation, Virat expresses regret to Pakhi for being the source of so much of her suffering. He feels terrible that he forced her to give birth at home rather than in the hospital, and he apologises to her. Pakhi, however, puts a stop to him and expresses her appreciation to him for coming to her aid when she was in such a precarious situation. She expresses her gratitude to him and states that she would not change anything about the current situation for anything else.

While Pakhi is overcome with emotion upon first seeing the baby boy, Sai comforts her by holding the infant for a moment before handing him off to Pakhi. She cradles it in her arms while Sai expresses her gratitude to Pakhi for allowing her to become a mother. Pakhi is taken aback after witnessing Sai’s behaviour, while Virat is quick to approach her in order to express his gratitude. He expresses his gratitude to her in a heartfelt manner for the role she played in his becoming a father and in bringing meaning and fulfilment to his life.

Chavans arrives from another location and makes haste to introduce himself to the newborn baby. As soon as they laid eyes on the newborn boy, they experienced a range of emotions, including joy, and began to take turns holding him in their arms. They extend their warmest congratulations to Sai and Virat on the new addition to their family. Sonali extends her congratulations to Ashwini and Ninad on the upcoming addition of a grandchild to their family, and they express how much they adore the new addition.

After Bhavani has stepped forward, Ashwini will hand the infant over to her. The second person’s eyes begin to well up with tears, and she moves towards the picture frame containing an image of her husband. She gives him a glimpse of their newest addition while remarking on the happiness that their family has brought them. She then makes the decision to remove the evil eyes from the baby, at which point Ashwini notices Pakhi smiling towards them from the sidelines.

In the distance, Ashwini can be seen rushing over to Pakhi and planting a kiss on her head. She expresses her gratitude to the latter for the gift of life that was bestowed upon the world. Pakhi is showered with love from everyone, and she is experiencing both elation and emotion as a result. Pakhi is looked after by Mansi while Ashwini apologises to her for the conflict that occurred between the two of them. The latter group asks Ashwini to bless them both rather than apologising to the former.

Virat and Sai go into their room to talk to the baby after they have finished feeding him. At that moment, Virat is overcome with emotion as he brings Sai’s newborn child over to a picture frame containing a picture of Sai’s father. He sobs and expresses that he has been thinking about him a lot lately. He gives him an update on everything from the challenges to the triumphs that he and Sai have been through together and tells him that they have travelled a considerable distance.

In addition, Sai gets a foot injury, and Virat tends to her wounds. While this is going on, they go to check on Pakhi and hand the baby over to her with the explanation that a newborn baby needs the warmth of the mother. While Pakhi is tending to the infant, Sai joins her in the chair next to hers and begins a conversation about putting their differences of opinion to rest. Pakhi stares at her with a furious expression on her face as she continues to insist on starting a new chapter for them. Exactly at that moment, Ashwini showed up, and Pakhi abruptly changed the expression on her face.


A quick recap: Sai falsely accuses Pakhi of acting as her surrogate in violation of the law, which results in Pakhi’s arrest. She also claims that the latter attempted to steal her baby and asks the police officers to put Pakhi behind bars because of her statements. The Chavans are taken aback by her decision, while Pakhi is removed from the property by the police. Virat takes a stand for Pakhi and makes an effort to prevent Sai from completing his mission. He insists that she withdraw the complaint, but she issues a warning to him and the others, requesting that they do not attempt to save Pakhi. She warns that she will retaliate harshly against anyone who tries to assist Pakhi if she finds out who they are and they come to help Pakhi.

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