Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [8th September 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 8th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

The women of the village enter Sai’s home in order to inform Savi that her mother is summoning her to come to the celebration that is being organised by Haria. This causes the latter to become thrilled, and she then insists that Vinayak and Virat accompany her. Savi continues to ask for him despite the fact that the latter finds himself in a difficult situation. In the end, he decides to do what she wants and loads everyone into his car. While everyone in the hamlet showers Sai with love and respect, he is driving toward the location of the event. Haria persuades the latter to participate in their traditional dance, and although she tries to refuse, she ultimately gives in and dances along with them. Sai delights in the festivities alongside everyone else, and she is thrilled to be a part of those she cares about so much.

Virat finally makes up to the party and assists Vinayak in stepping out of the vehicle at this point. A few more people get out of the automobile and walk into the location to join in on the festivities. Virat’s mood improves as soon as he takes in the surroundings, while Savi leads Vinayak in the direction of Sai. The latter reacts positively to the sight of Savi and Vinayak’s friendship and invites the former over to their home.

While Sai joins in on the kids’ dancing, Virat is on the phone with Pakhi, who is inquiring about his whereabouts. He informs on his intention to participate in the community function and mentions that he will even be meeting Savi’s mother. He reassures Pakhi and tells her not to worry about anything while she looks at the image of Virat and Vinayak and asks them to come back as soon as they can.

Virat also meets the children at another location and dances with them. He is having a fantastic time and appreciates the celebration. Virat becomes anxious for Vinayak’s safety as the rain begins to pour down suddenly. While his son is dancing with Savi and Sai, he asks his son to come near him so that he can embrace him. During this time, she inquires about his father, while Virat presses Savi for information regarding her mother.

Both Savi and Vinayak point them in the direction of one another, and they finally turn to look at one another after a significant amount of time has passed. When Virat remembers the period when he thought that she had passed away, he experiences a moment of shock. Nevertheless, Sai feels a chill upon seeing him and thinks back to the last time they met. Their very beings reach out to one another and make contact.

Ahead, Virat and Sai’s souls cry out to one another, expressing the feelings that they have for one another. Virat reveals to her that he had been under the impression that she had passed away and reprimands her for not getting in touch with him over all of these years. She explains that the reason she avoided getting too close to him was due to the decision he made. She brings up their previous conversation with each other and how he did not support her choice at that time.

Virat and Sai’s souls vanish, and at this time Virat becomes aware of Savi with Sai. He is incensed by the notion that she has progressed further in life since he last saw her. On the other hand, she comes to the conclusion that Vinayak is her father and believes that he never looked for her or waited for her to come back to him. While she expresses her displeasure to him, he forcibly removes Vinayak from the area and gets into the vehicle. Both of the children get a startling realisation when Sai removes Savi from the vicinity.

In addition, Virat becomes belligerent with Vinayak, but he quickly regains control of his emotions. He exits the vehicle and weeps, and as he does so, he is also thinking about her and becoming irritated. In the meantime, Sai sobs in front of Usha and claims that he hasn’t asked anything about her predicament or even shown any concern for her wellbeing. She voices her anger while Usha attempts to explain the situation to her. She claims that things had gone on for him in his life and he had broken down.


Savi and Vinayak had a conversation with one another over the phone. He responds that he is still feeling terrified to talk to his father, while she reports that her mother is doing OK at this time. While looking at Sai, he can’t help but think that his mother should have been there instead of Usha. Pakhi, on the other hand, starts to worry about Vinayak and asks Virat about his therapy. In response, Virat tells Pakhi that they have not yet begun Vinayak’s treatment. Pakhi inquires about it as Sai’s name is being taken down. Pakhi, Bhavani, and Chavans all experience the same shocking sensation.

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