Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [9th August 2022] Written Update[GHKPM]

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [9th August 2022] Written Update[GHKPM] On

The Chavans are seen at the beginning of the episode celebrating the Rakshabandhan celebration. Omkar and Ninad each receive a rakhi that is tied by Shivani. After that, she takes the presents they have given her. On the other hand, it makes Sai very pleased to know that everyone else is happy. During this time, Devyani also wraps a rakhi around Mohit and Virat’s wrists. When she thinks of Samrat, she starts to feel down, and Virat notices this and tries to cheer her up. While everyone else is getting sad, he confronts her with the fact that she is angry because she is missing Samrat. When Sai walks forward with Vinayak in her arms, she immediately begins telling him the story of Samrat. She shows him a picture of Samrat and reveals that he was involved with Vinayak in a romantic relationship twice.
In this passage, Sai explains that Samrat has always desired for his family to be content, and that he would have been devastated to learn if he was the reason of their unhappiness. She brings a grin on Devyani’s face as she lifts their spirits. Then, when Virat is giving her the present, she ties a rakhi around Vinayak’s wrist as well. She requests that another gift be given to her, and she inquires whether or not she can carry the baby.

After a moment’s hesitation, Sai handed Vinayak over to Devyani, who immediately expressed her delight. When everyone finally gets to watch the event, there is joy all around, and at that moment, some transgender people arrive to bless the baby. If they will bless her grandchild, Bhavani promises that she will shower them with numerous presents as well as monetary compensation.
In a separate location, a transgender person gives Bhavani praise for the size of her heart and blesses the infant. They speak highly of him and think that he will bring about financial success. They next inquire about the mother of the kid, during which time Sai and Pakhi each acquire their name. Ashwini steps forward and asserts that Sai is the true mother, while the transgender person becomes perplexed.

Virat asserts that Sai is the baby’s mother, but Pakhi is the one who delivered the child. Pakhi, however, did not give birth to the child. The transgenders offer their blessings to Sai as well as Pakhi, and then ask Pakhi to step aside so that they can offer their blessings to Virat alongside Sai and the baby. Pakhi expresses her distress by retreating into the room. On the other hand, Bhavani is quite generous toward the transgendered people and provides them many gifts.

In the next chapter, Sai leads Vinayak to Pakhi’s chamber and witnesses the latter attempting suicide. She experiences shock and makes an attempt to enter the room, but it was locked from the inside. She yells for her family, and when they all hurry to her location, they are all taken aback. Pakhi ignores everyone’s efforts to stop her, even though they are all directed at her. While she sobs and insists that they let her die, Virat manages to get inside and save her life. She confesses that she is lonely and begs them to let her pass away.
Everyone works together to make Pakhi comprehend that they are all on her side, and a medical professional is contacted. The latter demands that Pakhi’s Chavan family take care of her because she is suffering from postpartum trauma and asks them to provide her with a reason to continue living. Chavans develops concern for Pakhi and exhibits empathetic behaviour toward her.

In addition, Sai begins to harbour suspicions regarding Pakhi’s behaviour and ponder the reasons behind her actions. Mansi is adamant that Sai and Virat give Pakhi custody of their child, but they refuse her request. Karishma also remembers Pakhi’s statements, which stated that following the birth of Vinayak, she is once again by herself. While Bhavani and the others have sympathy for Pakhi and declare that she has done a lot for Sai and Virat, Ashwini and Sai, along with Virat, are opposed to it. Bhavani also states that Pakhi has done a lot for Sai and Virat. During this moment, Pakhi arrives, and Sai is busy formulating her scheme to steal her baby while she is distracted by Pakhi.


Sai falsely accuses Pakhi of being her surrogate in violation of the law, which results in Pakhi’s incarceration. She further claims that the second individual attempted to kidnap her child and asks the authorities to put Pakhi in jail for her statements. The Chavans are taken aback by her choice while the cops lead Pakhi away from the residence. Virat speaks up for Pakhi and makes an effort to thwart Sai’s plans. He insists that she retract the complaint, but she issues a warning to him and the others, requesting that they do not attempt to save Pakhi. She warns that she will retaliate harshly against anyone who comes to Pakhi’s aid in the event that anyone else tries to assist Pakhi.

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