Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein [9th September 2022] Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 9th September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Sai bringing Savi back to their home, where he then forbids her to communicate with Vinayak and his father, as well as meet any of them. While the latter informs Sai that they are lovely and announces that even she is confused with the sudden rash behaviour of Virat, the former says that they are confused about Virat. She says that she will talk to Vinayak about it, but Sai reprimands her and forbids her to call him. She says that she will ask Vinayak about it. Savi is taken aback, and she explains to Sai that she is unable to prevent Sai from talking to her buddy. Savi then expresses her displeasure with her mother’s decision. She rushes into her room as Sai becomes distraught and announces that she can’t even inform Savi about the real reason behind her decision.

At this point, Vinayak makes his way towards Virat’s chamber, only to find him in an agitated state there. Because he is terrified of him, he has chosen to talk to him at a later time, when he will be in a better mood. In the meantime, he makes the decision to give Pakhi a call in order to convey his worries about Virat. This last one can’t seem to shake the thought of Sai and Savi. He remembers how difficult it was for him after Sai passed away, and how he tried to drown his sorrows with booze so that he could forget about her, but he was unable to. After learning that Sai had passed away, he reflects on his efforts to find her and how he eventually moved on with his life.

Virat thinks back to his time spent with Sai and recalls the doctor’s assertion that she will never bear children. When he considers the possibility that Savi is her daughter, he starts to feel confused. When he thinks about the situation, he begins to feel anxious, and Sai begins to cry when she remembers that Vinayak is Virat’s son. After the accident, she claimed that he didn’t even wait for her or try to find her in any way. According to her, he does not feel any feelings toward her at all.

Virat and Sai each have feelings of sadness when they think of the betrayal that the other committed. They experience fleeting memories of the joyful times in their past, and then they think back to how they have progressed in their lives with their children. In the meantime, Sai travels to Savi’s location to comfort her and offer her an apology. Sai forbids the former from talking to Vinayak’s father and confronting him about his actions, despite the fact that the latter has stated that she will do so.

Sai makes several attempts to explain the situation to Savi, but Savi remains adamant about not changing her mind. In that moment, they received a call from Vinayak, and Savi asked Sai if she could speak to him in her stead. She argues with her mother, who eventually gives in to her pleadings. Savi apologises to Vinayak for his father’s actions and tells Vinayak that even his father does not understand why his father acted in such a manner. Savi then explains to Vinayak about why his father acted in such a manner.

In the next section, Vinayak states that he would discuss the situation with his mother and will keep them informed about it. While this is going on, Pakhi is having a conversation with Chavans regarding the case, and she gives Chavans her word that they would finish talking to the clients very soon. She announces that it will be beneficial to them in the future and informs Bhavani about the benefits that it will bring.

Pakhi receives compliments from Chavans, who also gives her the recommendation to speak to Virat and Vinayak. She expresses concern for them and informs them that Vinayak is currently on the phone with someone else. After that, she begins to repeatedly call him by dialling the number that belongs to Virat. While he eventually decides whether or not to pick up her call, he finds himself in a difficult situation regarding whether or not he should do so. She expresses concern about Vinayak and inquires about the appointment with the doctor, to which he responds by taking Sai’s name. She experiences shock and then requests that he repeat what he just said.

In addition, Virat decides to keep the information he has hidden regarding Sai a secret from Pakhi. In the meantime, Pakhi is showing signs of concern, but she tries to keep her anxiety a secret from Ashwini. In the meantime, Sai has made up her mind to keep Virat away from her daughter, Savi, and she reflects on how she was by herself when Savi was born and how she reared her all by herself. While she is ruminating, Jagtap approaches her and expresses his concern for her. She enters a reflective state. While he is being sent away by Sai, he inquires about the matter. Usha makes a comparison between Jagtap and Virat, but Virat interrupts her and argues that Virat hasn’t killed anyone like Jagtap did. She then comes to a stern conclusion on the future of both her and Savi’s lives, but she demonstrates sympathy for Vinayak.


Pakhi opens the cabinet in which Virat keeps his clothes in order to store his own, but while she is doing so, she sees a picture frame containing an image of Virat, Sai, and the couple’s first kid, Vinayak. While this is going on, Sai phones Virat, and he tells her not to bring up their history when they are talking about the present. She nods her head in agreement and states that all she wants to do is help Vinayak, after which they can both continue on their separate journeys. The agreement is accepted, and Virat provides some clarification regarding their priorities. While Sai is still reeling from the impact of his remarks, he hangs up.

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