Gud Se Mitha Ishq[ 10th September 2022] Written Update

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 10th September 2022 Written Update on

Dev witnesses Navdeep handing over money to the people who had kidnapped Pari. They are defeated by him. They quickly leave. Dev then grabs Navdeep by the collar and inquires as to why he was responsible for Pari’s abduction. Navdeep plays the part of someone who has a heart attack and then passes out. Nimrit rushes to Navdeep’s location and accuses Dev of attempting to take Navdeep’s life before inquiring about Navdeep’s actions. Dev alleges Navdeep got Pari kidnapped. According to Nimrit, Navdeep was actually attempting to help Pari. Dev claims that he personally witnessed Navdeep paying the ransom to the kidnappers. Navdeep regains consciousness and challenges Dev to take his life if he so chooses. Again, Dev grabs his collar and tells him that he is embarrassed to refer to him as their older brother.If he continues to raise his hands on his older brother, Pari will stop him and give him a tongue lashing. Dev claims that she has no idea what Navdeep was up to. Navdeep tells Dev to disrespect him all he wants and pretend that he paid the kidnappers to keep them from abducting Pari again; he tells Dev that he is willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of his children. Nimrit gives Dev her slipper and urges him to beat Navdeep with it because she believes that older people should be embarrassed by younger people. Pari insists Dev to apologise Navdeep. When Navdeep and Nimrit cry crocodile tears, Dev gives in to their manipulation and apologises to them. After giving Dev a hug, Pari introduces him as her “goodman di lamp suhaagji.” Nimrit had the idea that she should use Pari as a pawn to manipulate Dev and then have Dev force Pari to leave the house on her own.Pari makes several attempts to rouse Dev during the night, but he is sound asleep. She starts to feel anxious and gives Kaju a call. Kaju, concerned for, inquires as to the reason of her call at this hour. According to Pari, she is unable to fall or stay asleep, and when she tried to wake up Dev, he did not respond in any way. She makes a request that Kaju perform a song especially for her. Pari sings a lullaby. Kaju falls asleep. After hearing Kaju’s song, Neel experiences a strong emotional reaction.The following morning, Nimrit brags about her accomplishments to her friends by calling them at their homes. When Pari walks in, she inquires as to whether or not she is looking for soframycin. Nimrit chuckles and clarifies that by sophisticated she means sophisticated. She makes an effort to acquaint Pari with others. Pari states she is Pari Dev Suhagji Shergill. Nimrit extends an invitation for her to accompany them while they munch. Pari mocks them while laughing and throwing chutney at them.

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