After being reported stolen by a British law enforcement agency, a Bentley Mulsanne, a luxury automobile, was found and recovered in Karachi on Saturday by Pakistan Customs. The circumstances surrounding the vehicle’s recovery are being described as “strange.”
A report of the car being stolen in London was made earlier, despite the fact that it seemed to evade all radars. It was discovered sitting in the driveway of a home in the upscale neighbourhood of DHA in Karachi at the time.
After Customs was alerted that the car was in the city, a local investigation was launched to locate the stolen luxury sedan. Customs was informed that the vehicle was in the city.
The vehicle has a price tag of over $300,000, and it is the largest and most expensive handcrafted sedan offered by the brand. The authorities carried out a raid at the location in Karachi with a court order in order to seize the Bentley. After the investigation determined that the stolen car was parked inside a residence in Karachi, the raid took place.

Many people were curious about how the expensive automobile got to Pakistan, thus its very existence in Karachi was somewhat of a mystery in and of itself. A local number plate was unexpectedly provided to the car by the Sindh Excise and Motor Vehicle Department, which casts doubt on the effectiveness of the department.
After the owner of the home, Jamil Shafi, was unable to present the required documentation, law enforcement officers detained him along with the broker who had sold him the automobile.
According to the officers from Customs, the vehicle’s registration has also been falsified in some way. “BRS-279” is the licence plate number of the car that has been stolen.
The First Information Report (FIR) that was submitted by Customs officers reveals that over Rs300 million worth of tax was avoided as a result of the smuggling of the stolen car.
Teams have been established in order to arrest Naveed Yameen, who is believed to be the leader of a worldwide automobile smuggling organisation. The information needed to make this arrest has been given by the broker, Naveed Balwani.
According to the preliminary information that was supplied by the suspects, Balwani acted as a middleman in the transaction that took place between Shafi and Yameen.
According to sources who spoke with The Express Tribune, criminal complaints have already been filed against Yameen in both Karachi and Hyderabad.
According to authorities from Pakistan Customs, in order to register a luxury car of this kind, one must have a sales licence from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a no objection certificate from Pakistan Customs, and proof of having paid all applicable duties and taxes.
Despite this, the Sindh Excise and Motor Car Department registered the stolen vehicle without satisfying all of the legal procedures. This has led many people to speculate that the excise officers in Sindh were also complicit in the scheme.
According to further sources, an investigation into the matter against the concerned authorities may also be in the works.

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