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Imlie 12th August 2022 Written Update on

The first scene of the episode consists of Aryan entering his home, followed shortly after by Chini. She discovers that the door is large, and when she looks through it, she sees Aryan. This causes Preeta to feel excited. She gives him a hug and then makes an attempt to take a selfie with him. She brings up the subject of their marriage, and Aryan starts asking her questions about her age, her education, and other things like that. Preeta is under the impression that he is now interested in marrying her, which is why she is providing him with her biographical information. She claims that she has a degree in business management and that she is able to direct others in their work, despite the fact that she has no experience in domestic labour. Imlie is instructed by Meethi to believe that Chini is okay by closing her eyes and pretending to do so. Imlie believes that she has the impression that Chini is safe and with someone who can protect her in the same way that Satyakam protects Imlie.

Aryan encourages Preeta to continue her education beyond graduation so that she can increase her chances of finding employment. It’s been five years, and he tells her that they have no future together and that she needs to change her mind about staying with him. Preeta becomes agitated and declares that he is insistent, adding that even after five years, people here are not forgetting Imlie. After hearing everything, Chini lets out a muffled laugh.

Aryan first comes into contact with Jaggu while the latter is engaged in ball play. Arpita comforts Aryan with a hug before telling him that after what seemed like an eternity, Aryan had finally returned without any visible facial injuries. When Narmada asks him directly about Imlie, Aryan responds by saying that she is doing well and that she is working as a reporter for a local news channel. Another adorable young girl who stays with her is referred to as “the roommate.” Arpita interrupts him and tells him that they won’t let him leave until he explains clearly what conversation he was having with Imlie. He continues to remain silent.

Aryan remembers them and tells them that they should give up the hope that he will be able to reunite with Imlie. Arpita tells him that he is also causing pain to Narmada. Aryan claims that during the past five years, he has been through everything by himself because Imlie was not there to support him. Therefore, there is no longer any chance of a successful outcome. Chini begs Jaggu not to mention anything to his family about her after the two of them have a chance encounter.

Aryan takes a seat and mulls over the problem, wondering to himself why he hasn’t moved on from Imlie yet. Meethi notices that Imlie is becoming agitated and asks her to contact Aryan to inquire about Chini on her behalf because she is unable to disclose the fact that Chini is currently in the company of Aryan. There is a moment of hesitation on Imlie’s part, but she eventually calls him. When Aryan checks his phone and discovers that Imlie has called, he is taken aback. That is something that completely escapes his notice.

Imlie is disappointed that he did not pick up when she called him. Aryan learns from the television that Chini has been located safe and sound. The tension builds up in him, and he decides to call Imlie again. He gives her the assurance that he will find out about Chini and that she will not be in any danger as a result of this. Imlie expresses her regrets for having contacted him in the first place. He assures her that there is no cause for concern and that everything will be fine. Chini engages in conversation with Aryan at the moment when the latter asks, “Where the hell did Chini go?”

When he walks into his room and finds her there, he is completely taken aback. She gives him a pinch, and then she asks him to make sure that Imlie does not find out about her. She forces Imlie to complete a lot of work and then tries to justify her absence by saying that she has an excuse. Aryan claims that Imlie has the ability to torture her because he is familiar with her. When Chini is in the room, she exudes an upbeat and contented demeanour. Chini makes fun of him by implying that this indicates he has previous experience of staying with Imlie. It’s become something of a routine for him to gaze directly into her eyes.

Aryan says nothing like that. Chini laughs and then requests some food because she wasn’t able to eat very well in the dhaba. Aryan is aware that she was only consuming his food while they were in the dhaba. She instructs him to share her whereabouts with Meethi, but not to share that information with Imlie. When Aryan considers the motivations behind Chini’s desire, he finds himself perplexed. While he is away getting food for her, he instructs her to remain in his room until he returns. He is under the impression that his loved ones are unable to see her at this time. Imlie cries for Chini.


In this recap, Imlie is seen entering Aryan’s house while concealing her identity. In addition to that, Aryan will walk in front of her. They make an effort to make physical contact while keeping their eyes closed. A tear from Imlie falls onto his hand, and at that moment the two of them become aware of the presence of the other.

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