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Imlie 13th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Aryan is seen making an attempt to grab some food for Chini off of the dining table. It appears that he is trying to conceal the fact that Anu and Malini will be joining him and his family for dinner. He contemplates the kinds of foods Chini enjoys eating in his spare time. When Nila sees him, she invites him to eat dinner with them along with the rest of the group. According to Malini, Anu expressed interest in having dinner with the Rathores, so they came over to their house. Arpita asserts that they extended the invitation to themselves. Aryan takes the salad plate and is about to leave when he notices what Jaggu is eating and decides to grab some of that instead. Preeta approaches Malini with a request to share some words of wisdom in the hopes that Aryan will focus all of his attention on her. Malini should instruct her to bring him his food.

Aryan has indicated that he will consume his meals within the confines of his room. He gives Jaggu the plate that had the salad in exchange for some of his food. Jaggu has stated that he will not give any of his food to anyone else. Aryan is of the opinion that in order to achieve his weight loss goals, he ought to consume more salad. Arpita reprimands him for stealing Jaggu’s food and then hands Aryan another plate, which he takes with him as he walks away from the table.

Preeta receives instructions from Malini to follow closely behind him. Anu inquires as to the motivation behind her actions and she gives him an answer. Malini asserts that she has successfully severed ties between Imlie and Aryan, and as a result, she does not care who comes into contact with Aryan. Imlie’s growing anxiety prompts her to inquire with the authorities regarding the whereabouts of Chini. Chini has a history of getting lost, so the police claim that they have other things to do. Meethi warns Imlie to desist from her search for Chini on her own, pointing out that Chini is not in isolation. Imlie decides to go find Chini on her own. Imlie says that she will fulfil a responsibility of a mother, and then she leaves the house in the middle of the night. Meethi makes a number of lame justifications in an attempt to dissuade her, but to no avail. Imlie says that she doesn’t care if she dies trying to find Chini, even though she has said this before.

After a moment of silence, Meethi begins to cry. Aryan looks all over his room for Chini, but he can’t seem to locate her anywhere. He remembers her name and begins searching throughout his home for her. According to Preeta, she is familiar with Chini’s whereabouts. The answer to that question is in the kitchen. Aryan is able to calm herself down when she thinks about the fact that she is discussing sugar. It is up to her to bring it, according to his instructions. Aryan is perplexed as to why Imlie chose to christen Chini with such an unusual name.

Chini calls Meethi, and Meethi tells Chini that she needs to tell Imlie about her because Imlie is crying a lot. Chini then tells Imlie about her friend. Chini has informed them that they must maintain their silence for a number of days. Imlie makes a phone call to Chini while Meethi makes a promise to her. Imlie takes the phone away from her. Chini’s reaction when she first hears her own voice is one of surprise. She uses Imlie’s name in a very assertive manner. When Malini hears that, she immediately goes to investigate to find out who stole Imlie’s identity.

Arpita says maybe Aryan took Imlie’s name. Narmada claims that nobody here recognises Imlie’s name these days. Malini moves to investigate the situation and find out where Chini is standing. Chini will depart from that location at the appointed time. When Malini sees Imlie’s name pop up on the phone, she immediately declares that she despises her. According to Nila, they try to avoid discussing Imlie at all costs. Imlie interrupts the call and begins an argument with Meethi about why she allowed Chini to visit the Rathore Mansion without giving it any thought.

Chini is in danger because Malini and Nila are there to cause her harm. Malini caused Chini to suffer an injustice when she was only five years old. Meethi claims that she has faith in Aryan, which is why she did not intervene when Chini was acting recklessly. Chini is safe from harm because Aryan won’t let anyone get in her way. Imlie responds by asking her why she has been taking care of Chini all by herself for the past five years. Were you able to find out why he was not there? Imlie will now travel to pick up Chini after she finishes her business in Delhi. She cries out in Meethi. Malini has stated that she will do whatever it takes, but she will not succeed in bringing Imlie and Aryan back together. Chini is escorted to Aryan’s room, where he advises her to restrict the amount of time she spends wandering around. He says she is desperate just like Imlie. Chini makes a joke at his expense by claiming that Aryan is familiar with Imlie.


In this recap, Imlie is seen entering Aryan’s house while concealing her identity. In addition to that, Aryan will walk in front of her. They make an effort to make physical contact while keeping their eyes closed. A tear from Imlie falls onto his hand, and at that moment the two of them become aware of the presence of the other.

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