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Imlie 16th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in the episode is that Imlie enters the Rathore Mansion. Aryan is on the hunt for Chini when all of a sudden he spots Imlie off in the distance. Both of them bring their heads closer together while keeping their eyes closed. They both reach out to touch one another, and a tear from Imlie’s eye falls onto his hand. The instant Imlie catches a glimpse of Aryan, she is gone before he even has a chance to open his eyes.

She overhears the Rathore speaking with one another. As she thinks back on the events of the past, she starts to well up with tears. She attempts to conceal the fact that she sees them. In close proximity to the shrine, Narmada lights a diya, and just as the flame is about to be extinguished, Imlie steps in to shield it. Narmada feels odd. Without Arpita’s awareness, Imlie assists her in finding the candles. Additionally, she prevents Sundar from falling to his death by removing a wire from the floor.

After Malini and Aryan have a chance encounter, Malini inquires of Aryan as to why he thinks she is wandering around aimlessly. Malini tells Aryan that she is looking for Anu, and after he departs, she tells him that he would never be able to find Chini again. Chini discovers that she is unable to exit the storage area in which she is currently located, and she makes several attempts to unlock the door. She yells “female power!” before slamming the door in your face with some hefty items. Imlie is preventing the objects from falling on her feet by holding onto them in the nick of time.

Chini responds that she is aware that Imlie is Aryan’s wife, despite the fact that Imlie asks her to return with her. Imlie’s request. Therefore, it does not appear that they will be going. Imlie cautions her not to be so steadfast, and they both make an attempt to flee the situation by hiding under a garment. After the lights are turned back on, the Rathores begin to wonder who broke into their mansion and stole their belongings. They continue to have doubts that Imlie is the thief, and Malini advises Anu to keep her distance from the person they suspect of being the thief. Guards enter the room and immediately begin beating Imlie and Chini.

Imlie comforts Chini by enveloping her in a hug, and she bears the anguish in silence. They were in danger, but Aryan came to their aid and put an end to the guards. They are reprimanded, and he instructs them to leave the premises. After that, he lifts the cover off of Imlie and Chini. Imlie pauses for a moment before standing up and then looking at him. Malini’s reaction to Imlie’s reappearance after all this time is one of surprise.

When Narmada sees her, it causes him to have strong emotions, and he hugs her. She inquires of Imlie the reason that it took her such a prolonged period of time to return. Arpita also gives her a hug and tells her that she has been thinking about her a lot. Imlie gives Sundar a bear hug, and Sundar responds by calling Imlie Chipkali. When Jaggu and Chini find out such information, they are astonished. Imlie is ecstatic at learning that Jaggu is her and Sundar’s son after Arpita had introduced them to one another. Chini is someone that Arpita is familiar with because she was the one who proposed the home treatment for Narmada. It has been said by Chini that Imlie is her guardian.

Imlie is told by Narmada that she won’t be able to go this time, and Aryan maintains her silence throughout. Chini tells Aryan to go to his room, but he doesn’t go even after she tells him. Arpita then takes Imlie to her room. Nila becomes irritated. She claims that she should have known better than to put her faith in Malini. Malini goes into a frenzy and yells at Imlie, stating it’s unbecoming that she would come back here again. She was under the impression that her story had reached its conclusion. Anu helps her to relax and compose herself.


A recap: Malini reveals to Narmada that she is in need of financial assistance to Narmada by making fun of Imlie. Malini says that she came here in order to acquire some money. Someone as destitute as she will not be able to find housing in this establishment. Although Chini is successful in silencing Malini, Imlie cautions her against engaging in impolite conversation with her friend. She will endeavour to convince her that she is Malini’s daughter when she next sees her.

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