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Imlie 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The first thing that happens in the episode is that Aryan goes to his room, where he promptly makes a mess of everything. He claims that he is sick of asking Lmlie the same questions and hearing the same replies from her. He is also exhausted. He is at the point where he can no longer put up with the discomfort. Aryan recalls Imlie and adds that he also sees her everywhere he goes. Jaggu comes to him and tells him how he first noticed Chini at the mansion. Aryan says that he does as well.

He believed that he would never see her face again, but now that he is getting better, he can’t forget the harm that she did to him, thus he can’t forget about her. He gives Jaggu a hug and fights back the emotions as he does so. Imlie is told by Narmada that the group is overjoyed to have her back, and that she should not go. However, Imlie maintains that she has only arrived at this location in order to get Chini. Malini makes fun of her by claiming that if she had merely wanted Chini back, then she could have sent anyone to take her away from the mansion. Chini would have been transported to Pagdandiya had Aryan carried out his plan.

Malini continues by saying that Imlie came here to work since she is in need of financial support. She is hoping that they will have compassion for her plight, but they will not provide her with a place to stay because she is a beggar. According to Sundar, the only person outside them who has concerns about Imlie is Malini. Malini claims that he won’t show her how to behave toward her step sister and won’t educate her how to do so. Imlie asserts that she does not have any motivation that would lead her to be here. They aren’t required to give her anything because she has no requirements.

Chini attempts to put an end to Malini’s negative comments about Imlie, but Imlie stops her and advises Chini not to be so abrupt with Malini. Malini continues to make negative comments about Imlie. Chini wants to know the reason why. Imlie is going to reveal to Malini that Chini is her mother, but before she does, she changes the subject by claiming that Malini is older than Chini. This is done so that Chini will not be impolite. Narmada tries her best to prevent Imlie from leaving with Chini, but she succeeds only partially. Arpita believes that they ought to let her leave, despite the fact that nobody stood by Imlie five years ago when she made a decision on her own. Arpita also believes that everyone ought to respect Imlie’s decision and stand by her regardless of whether or not they agree with it.

Chini, on the other hand, stays, despite Imlie’s disregard for Aryan as she leaves. Chini breaks the news to Aryan that they are going their own ways permanently. Imlie is able to hold back her tears and offers Chini her hand, but Chini clasps both Imlie’s and Aryan’s hands together instead. Both Imlie and Aryan grasp it firmly and turn around so that they are now facing each other. They both close their eyes, and when they reopen them, Aryan remembers their disagreement about how anytime he held Imlie’s hand, it would remind him of Imlie’s impetuous character, which was the reason why he had to give up their child. They let go of one other’s hands and Imlie goes to Chini so that they can go together. The dupatta that Imlie was wearing becomes entangled with Aryan’s watch. According to Chini, Aryan will undoubtedly prevent them from leaving.

Aryan claims that the situation cannot be improved at this time and that Imlie will not be able to find a place to live in this area. Imlie claims that Chini got to this location since it was her mistake, but they are leaving now, and she does not even want to stay here. Chini insists that despite the circumstances, she does not wish to depart from the home under any circumstances. She travels to the temple in order to pray for the union of Imlie and Aryan. After some time has passed, all of a sudden, someone tosses a fire bottle inside the mansion via the window. Imlie rushes to douse the flames that have appeared on the curtain as they quickly spread.

After Aryan successfully rescues Imlie from the flames, the two become entranced by one another’s eyes. The blaze is put out by Sundar with the help of an extinguisher. Malini and Anu’s irritation is increased when they see how close Aryan is with Imlie. Aryan contacts the authorities to provide information regarding the incident. Imlie gets a chit. She reads aloud the information that appears on the screen, which states that Bhaskar Times owes a significant amount of money and has not yet paid it off. Aryan is being threatened by a group of individuals to pay the debt they owe or else they will destroy the office and the factories, as well as kill the workers.

Imlie confronts Aryan with the question of how it is even feasible for Bhaskar Times to have financial obligations. Aryan has stated that it is none of her concern, and that she may go. Arpita responds to Imlie’s inquiry by stating that Aryan doesn’t go to the office and that Bhaskar Times would have closed as a result of his neglect if Malini hadn’t bought the 50% shares of the company. Imlie then asks Arpita about it. Arpita claims that if Aryan is unable to properly handle himself, then it is difficult to imagine how he will face the responsibilities of working in an office. He should not have sent Imlie away because it was the wrong thing to do.


In the following precap, Imlie shares with Malini that her work is comparable to worship for her, and that under these circumstances, she will not budge from her position. She views Bhaskar Times not merely as a company but rather as her life and her entire existence. She won’t stand by and watch it get destroyed by anyone else. She challenges Malini.

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