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Imlie 18th August 2022 Written Update on

At the beginning of the episode, Narmada relays to Imlie that the Rathores have both lost their happiness and their ability to live in peace as a result of her departure. Arpita has stated that Malini is now their business partner, and because Aryan cannot even properly control himself, it is difficult to imagine how he will handle the business. They are imparting this knowledge upon Imlie because they recognise the significance of Bhaskar Times in her life. Narmada claims that they will not be able to stop Imlie, but she believes that Aryan and Imlie will come together. Malini explains that she has already purchased two plane tickets for Imlie and Chini, and she is determined to get them to Pagdandiya no matter what it takes.

After Imlie and Chini leave, Malini hands Imlie the tickets she needs to enter the venue. Imlie claims that instead of doing something to help preserve Bhaskar Times, she purchased tickets for her. She worries about Imlie more than she does about the possibility of the business failing. Before continuing on her way, Imlie comes to an abrupt halt and shreds the ticket. She looks at Malini and declares that Bhaskar Times is not merely a business for her but a feeling instead. She will not allow anyone to ruin it, and she will work to protect it from irresponsible people as well as hostile forces.

When the Rathores learn of Imlie’s choice, they express their satisfaction by giving her a hug. Malini receives the news from Anu that Imlie would not be able to stay at their house since this is not the way things should be. Malini reminds everyone that they are once again making a bad decision by allowing Imlie to stay, which is having an effect on Aryan’s mental health. Additionally, this will have a negative impact on her company, which she will not stand for.

They had forgotten that Imlie was the reason Aryan had to bury his child. Arpita puts an end to her ranting by pointing out that they have not forgotten how Imlie and Aryan betrayed Malini, and that as a result, she has no right to say anything negative about Imlie. Aryan puts an end to their fight and walks over to Imlie. He informs her that he will never forgive her for what she did to Cheeku and that he will hold her responsible forever. It is not possible for her to remain in this location. Narmada explains to Aryan that he has forgotten that the poor decision he made led to the destruction of their bliss and that the mansion is still hers; therefore, it is up to her to decide whether or not Imlie will continue to live there.

Aryan has stated that he will never stop hating Imlie because she has no power to change anything. Imlie promises that they will still have their differences despite what she does. It is already night, and Imlie instructs Malini and Anu to depart. Because they are Rathores’ business partners, Anu claims that she has no authority to request that they leave the premises. Imlie suggests that they save the discussion of work-related concerns for the next day. She emphasises that she is the son-in-law of the family, and she urges Malini or Anu not to forget that she is a member of the household. They are unable to make decisions on certain matters, but she can.

When Arpita and Sundar observe Imlie acting confidently, it makes them very happy. As Malini’s anger grows, she declares that she will never allow Imlie to live a happy life with Aryan because Imlie stole Aditya from her. Imlie is on the hunt for Chini, so she enters Aryan’s room to look for her. She discovers the anklet in his wallet, which leads her to the identification of the documents. Aryan sneaks up behind her and reveals that he has not forgotten about her, making her ecstatic. She is about to reply that she misses him as well, but he interrupts her and says that the fact that she has made mistakes, made false promises, and been reckless is enough for him to remember her.

Chini wonders why Imlie and Aryan are continually fighting with each other, and she makes a prayer to Sita Maiya for an explanation. Arpita claims that because Sits Maiya finds her to be pleasant, she will not be ignored by Sits Maiya. According to Arpita, Aryan and Imlie enjoy arguing with one another, but in the process of doing so, they end up falling in love with one another. Aryan inquires of Imlie once more about the reason she re-entered his life, pointing out that she has lost all stake in this location. Nothing that she misplaced will be recovered, unfortunately. He takes the anklet off of her and puts it on himself. A tear drops down onto his hand from Imlie.


Imlie confronts Aryan with the question of why he caused a commotion in the workplace before the review. However, it was not always the case. Aryan claims that she will not understand his anguish or what he has lost over the past few years. She questions who else will comprehend the situation if she can’t. Why is he experiencing these emotions? According to him, she will not be able to return things to their normal state. He is not going to be the same person he was in the past because he has gone on with his life.

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