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Imlie 19th August 2022 Written Update on

Imlie tells Aryan that she will remember him because of his unjustified charge, and that he failed to take care of his family, business, and everything else. As she walks out of his room, Aryan maintains his silence. While Imlie is eating breakfast, she notices that Narmada and Arpita have prepared a number of meals for her. Arpita tells her that the presence of Imlie is the reason why their morning is pleasant after all these years, which surprises her. Imlie is currently eating breakfast while she waits for Aryan to arrive. Narmada says he wakes up late anymore.

Imlie begins to read the newspaper and is shocked to discover that the top page contains no news from the Bhaskar Times. Aryan arrives, but then he immediately goes without eating breakfast. Preeta offers him juice, but he refuses to consume it despite her best efforts. According to Narmada, Aryan has stopped going to work, and as a result, he’s also stopped caring about his health. According to Imlie, Aryan will undoubtedly report to the workplace today.

As Aryan takes a seat in the automobile, he observes that the driver has long hair. While they are there, Preeta tells Malini that Imlie is going to accompany Aryan to the office. This makes him feel even stranger. Imlie arrives at the Bhaskar Times office just as Aryan has instructed the chauffeur to escort him to the boxing club. When he finds Imlie sitting in the driver’s seat, he is completely taken aback. If what she claims is true and his workplace does indeed want his services, he will have no choice but to report there. According to Aryan, she will not be able to comprehend what he has been going through. He is forced to live with the pain of having lost a person he cared deeply about.

Imlie claims that she is the only one who can fully comprehend it. It wasn’t just him; she, too, had to say goodbye to loved ones in her life as well. She also experiences the anguish of having someone close to her taken away. But he can’t think of himself as a victim because his family sees him in this dreadful predicament on a daily basis, and it breaks their hearts just as much as it breaks his. Imlie reminds him of the teachings he taught her, including the fact that people should respect themselves first but that he is not now doing so.

He elevated her to a higher level as a human, which is why he continues to experience feelings of isolation despite the fact that she is with him. Aryan has stated that he does not require her presence and that she is unable to put things right. In the past five years, there have been several significant shifts in his life. She tells him that even if she may not be with him, his work is, and that he should make an attempt to reclaim control of his company even though she may not be with him. It is imperative that he take action as soon as possible because his business has lost its ability to effectively communicate.

Aryan says he won’t behave the same way he has in the past and then insists on leaving. Taking his automobile with him, he drives away. Malini sees both of them and comments that given the rift that she caused between Imlie and Aryan, there is no way that anything can be resolved between them. Imlie is relieved to see that her desk is still where it was when she left it. Malini tells the other workers that she was Aditya’s ex-wife and that she later married Aryan after working for him as an intern. She also mentions that they had a son together.

Imlie’s outstanding news articles for Bhaskar Times, as well as the amount of time she took into producing such articles, have garnered appreciation from Suraj. Nobody disagrees with what he says. As Imlie’s first task, Malini has given her the responsibility of bringing coffee to everyone. Imlie asserts that she is a self-sufficient journalist who makes her own assignment choices. Malini explains that she will not be able to bring Aryan here because he fled the workplace without even going inside. According to Imlie, Malini analyses every detail in great detail. She asks Suraj to set up a meeting for the upcoming coverages, and she wants Suraj to do it as soon as possible. Chini Jaggu greets Aryan with a “happy independence day” greeting after he has returned from the boxing club. They make the request that he take all of them somewhere special to celebrate Independence Day.

According to Aryan, his entire family is planning to travel there. They are grateful to him, Chini and Jaggu. Imlie encourages the journalists to concentrate on the significant events happening across the world rather than always discussing celebrities. This is not a magazine but rather a newspaper. On the day celebrating independence, Imlie and her colleagues attend the same gathering. Malini plants a bomb within the microphone of the reporter. After obtaining it, Imlie will depart. Malini makes a phone call to the event’s organiser and notifies them that Imlie attended the event carrying a bomb. She gives a sly grin.


Aryan and Imlie each steal the bomb mike away from Jaggu and Chini at the event. They pick up their pace in order to keep the bomb from getting into public hands. They toss it in the air, and it goes off with a bang. The surprise can be felt by all.

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