Imlie [1st September 2022] Written Update

Imlie 1st September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie becomes concerned as she searches for Chini. When Chini finally shows up, it brings a sense of relief to her. Anu explains to Arpita that no child is safe when Imlie is around because she is the reason why Malini’s baby died, why Imlie killed her own child, and why the Rathores lost their heir. Arpita asks Anu how she can hold a mother responsible for the murder of her own child. Because Imlie was an only child and had to raise an orphan on her own, she will never consider abusing her own child. Nila is surprised when Preeta tells her that Arpita is making preparations to welcome Imlie in a grand manner. Preeta then asks Nila what they will do. Anu believes that Imlie has completely abandoned the idea of returning to this mansion.

Chini reveals to Imlie that Imlie was the one who first taught her about girl power and that she is capable of protecting herself from any situation. Chini does not need to be concerned about her personal safety because Imlie claims that she is still alive. Chini inadvertently discloses that she provided them with bhaang. Aryan wakes up and is unsure why he is still in the hut as he starts to think about it. He leaves the house to check on Imlie and Chini and see if they are okay. Imlie stutters and insists that she is ordinary, just like every other day.

Imlie is troubled by the fact that Aryan can not remember anything regarding the completion of their relationship. She has made the decision not to divulge any information to him. Chini wants to continue talking about their time spent in the hut, but Imlie interrupts her and adds that she was there with Chini as well. Because of the poisonous environment in the estate, Arpita ultimately decides to enrol Jaggu in a boarding school elsewhere. Sundar is on board with whichever choice she makes.

Malini sees Aryan, Imlie, and Chini heading towards the automobile, so she lights a drum that’s been filled with explosives on fire and pushes it towards them. The beat is then played backwards when the drum stops playing halfway through. Malini’s eyes widen as the drum moves closer to her, and the sight stuns her. While she is attempting to remove her dupatta out of the way and free herself, she trips and collapses. Imlie notices this, and immediately runs to help her friend. Aryan tries to dissuade her, but Imlie tells him that she has to help her sister. Imlie makes a break for it while carrying the bomb and enters the woods. There is a boom there, and Imlie is knocked down. Malini smirks and Aryan gets stunned. When Chini starts to cry, he reassures her that Imlie is okay and that she would get back to them soon.

Imlie gets up and returns. When Chini sees her, he gets excited. Aryan embraces Imlie, and Imlie returns the affection from Aryan’s embrace. After seeing that, Malini loses her cool, and Aryan apologises to Imlie. Imlie inquires of Malini regarding the status of the latter. Malini is instructed by Chini to extend her gratitude to Imlie. Malini has stated that she will not thank Imlie for destroying her. When Anu sees Malini again, she immediately gives her a joyful hug and inquires as to what transpired at the previous location. When Aryan, Imlie, and Chini returned, Rathores was overjoyed to see them and welcomed them back to the mansion. Malini reports that her strategy was unsuccessful, but that she has ensured her captors will not reveal her whereabouts.

Chini relates to everyone how Imlie was the one to save them from the fire tragedy. Arpita confronts Chini with the question, “There was action, but was there romance?” Chini is a kid, Aryan says, interrupting the conversation. Chini is going to tell everyone what took place, but Imlie interrupts her and goes to sleep instead. Arpita remarks that Aryan is radiant, and Sundar pokes fun at him. Arpita has advised Aryan to spend more time with Imlie since she knows it will make him happy. Aryan is confused as to why Imlie is trying to prevent Chini from revealing information.


Before we move on, the doctor warns Imlie that Chini’s life may be in jeopardy. They are required to give her blood. Imlie claims that she did not give birth to Chini, but she did adopt her when she was three months old and raised her as her own child. Malini was able to overhear that, and her reaction was shocking. She promises that she won’t steal anything from Imlie, but she will give her daughter, who is entirely hers, back to her.

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