Imlie [1st December 2022] Written Update

Imlie 1st December 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 1st December 2022

In Imlie, The appearance of the leader of the kidnapping gang. He shoots the truck’s tire. Imlie loses his footing and somehow stops the truck. Limb and children fall. The kidnapper makes fun of her after being caught. They say that Arto and Imlie are definitely not the parents of the children. She challenges them that they will be punished for kidnapping the children.

The leader of the gang says that Arto and lmlie are modern Laila Majnu. Arto asks the children what they feel? The boys mock the gang boss by saying that threatening him is pointless. Arto fends off the kidnappers, but the gang boss hits him on the head from behind.

Imlie Today’s Episode Online:

Rudra comes to know how they are in trouble because of the kidnappers. Devika blames Rudra for everything and now Arto and Imlie are in danger. Rudra says she had no idea something like this was going to happen, he wanted Arto and Imlie to have some quality time. Kia hears this and calls family members. Divya and Shivani start judging Imlie again. Rudra says that he won’t let anything happen to them.

Imlie is asked to drive the truck and there the kidnappers tie Arto’s hands with the truck and tell her to start driving.¬† She refuses and is held at gunpoint by the gang boss. Limb asks her to start driving and the kidnappers talk about harming the children and her forcibly prepares himself. She starts driving and Arto runs after the truck.

There, Chini learns from Anu that she cut off her call and that one day she too may cut Chini out of Arto’s life. Chini says she won’t let that happen. She will separate her and Arto. She refuses to take the medicine the nurse gives her. Chini thinks why they got involved in that. The doctor tells him not to interrupt the treatment process.

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The kidnappers start eating and get distracted. She throws a knife at Arto without her knowledge. Arto takes the knife. Rathods is worried about Imlie and Arto. Sundar says Rudra called the commissioner. Anu says that  she was punished because she put Chini in the asylum. They showed no concern for Chini.

Sundar says what kind of mother is she. Rupy tells Anu to leave and Anu says that from now on Chini will stay at Rana House so she will only go to meet her there. Limb stands holding the back of the truck and looks to the kids to help them. She drives.


Imlie is trapped in a cold room. She freezes and she starts shaking. The doctor tells Arto not to let her sleep or she may die. Arto knocks on the door and tries to talk to her.

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