Imlie [20th August 2022] Written Update

Imlie 20th August 2022 Written Update On

The episodes start with:

Malini shares the news with the organiser of the event that Imlie showed up with a bomb. Imlie believes that if she prays hard enough to God, she will be able to rescue Bhaskar Times from any and all difficulties. She arrives to the venue for the event, but after hearing the security alarm, some guards prevent her from entering the building.

Imlie tells the security guard who is checking her bag that she has come here solely to cover the event and has nothing else with her. Because the security personnel find a toy car in her bag, they conclude that the sound originated there and do not check the microphone that Imlie took with her. It has been decided that Imlie will be allowed to attend the event. Malini gives Rohit a call and inquires, “What’s the latest on this?” He responds by saying that Imlie was not apprehended, and the security personnel neither checked the mic nor suspected anything amiss. Malini suggests that perhaps Imlie was successful in being rescued during the initial attempt; but, the device cannot be concealed for an extended period of time. She claims that she deposited the funds into Rohit’s account, therefore he is free to depart at this time.

Malini’s mood brightens, and she tells the maid to fetch Anu on the phone because she’d like to have lunch with Anu today. The maid divulges the information that Anu has disappeared to attend a celebration on independence day. Malini’s reaction when she hears the same name of the location where Imlie went is one of surprise. She goes into a panic and tries to reach Anu, but he doesn’t pick up the phone. Anu is in danger, and she makes the decision to travel there to rescue her. Chini Jaggu are happy as they observe the preparations being made for the ceremony as Rathores enter. Chini notices Imlie. She shares the information with Rathores.

Chini gets an idea because Aryan doesn’t show any enthusiasm in meeting Imlie. When she expresses that she feels parched, Jaggu satisfies her thirst by providing her with some water. She consumes it while continuing to assert that she has an even greater need for water. Chini becomes irritated when Arpita and Narmada offer her some water as well. She does this on purpose and then begs Aryan to get her more water once the water gets all over her dress. Aryan experiences an odd sensation and decides to bring that with him. Imlie makes a mistake and accidentally drops her mike, but Aryan is there to catch her before she can fall.

They inquire concerning their reasons for being in this location. Aryan retorts that he has Chini and Jaggu in mind while he is here. He inquires as to the rationale behind her involvement in his professional affairs and demands an explanation from her. This is not the business that she runs. Things have changed, and she will not benefit in any way from her actions; although Imlie maintains that it is his own property, he is not making any efforts to protect it. The thought of referring to him as her husband causes her to exert self-control.

She claims that all she is doing is caring for his family, who are offended by his attitude, and that she is simply performing her job and nothing else. Imlie makes an attempt to pull the mic away from him, but he does not let her. Anu and Nila are introduced to the Rathrotes. While Anu is seated in a chair, they begin to argue with each other. When Chini sees the Minister making his way to the ceremony, she gets quite thrilled. Preeta explains the reason behind everyone’s ecstatic reaction and asks what is so unique about it. Chini enlightens her about the meaning of freedom and explains that the reason she is acting in accordance with all of her whims is because of independence day.

When Rajjo takes off running, he causes some muddy water to splash onto Anu’s saree. She speaks poorly of Rajjo and labels her as an illiterate who is ignorant of any culture and is an annoyance to those who are refined. It was a costly saree, yet she managed to damage it. The saree, according to Rajjo, does not cost as much as she makes it sound like it would.

Anu has been duped by the vendor. Anu is told by Imlie that she should stop assuming that the villagers are illiterate and that Imlie likes Rajjo. Imlie also informs Anu that Imlie likes Rajjo. She records Anu claiming that she will show the world how she is being cruel to an innocent girl like Rajjo and then she uploads the recording on the internet. Anu storms off as a result of her fury. Rajjo gains further confidence as a result of Imlie’s support, which enables her to pursue her ambitions without feeling inhibited in any way. Rajjo claims that she is a seasoned veteran in competitive running. Imlie gets thrilled to meet her.


Aryan and Imlie each steal the bomb mike away from Jaggu and Chini at the event. They pick up their pace in order to keep the bomb from getting into public hands. They toss it in the air, and it goes off with a bang. The surprise can be felt by all.

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