Imlie [22nd August 2022] Written Update

Imlie 22nd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

The first few seconds of the programme show Malini posing as a security guard so that she can attend the event. She hides her identity by donning a mask, which prevents anyone from recognising her. In her search for Anu, she comes with Aryan, who is also hunting for network. She realises that she has missed him just as she hears his voice calling her name and turns around. He has a conversation with somebody else regarding the phone network, and she leaves when he has finished. She makes accidental contact with Imlie, who apologises for the collision, but Malini walks away before they can finish their conversation. Malini discovers Anu, who is irritated because a muddy stain has appeared on the saree she was wearing. Malini hides her face while Anu tries to push her away, but she eventually reveals herself. Malini warns her that there is a bomb at the gathering, and that she should leave as quickly as possible. Imlie is astounded after stumbling onto their conversation and hearing it for herself.

Imlie is under the impression that she is obligated to locate the bomb come hell or high water. She is unable to allow anything to happen to the people who are innocent. She looks for the device before taking a metal detector from a security guard and adding that she will also make a report on this matter. Imlie is concerned that if she makes public knowledge of the device at this time, it will cause a panic among the audience. Aryan is standing there with the bomb mic, and he can’t help but wonder where Imlie is. She ought to have been here to celebrate this momentous occasion with Chini. Without a microphone, it would be difficult for Imlie to give the interview. There are no more than two minutes left for them to try and save their lives, so Anu and Malini try to escape as quickly as they can. Malini believes that no one should be aware that it was her intention all along to set the device in this location.

The raising of the flag begins, and everyone is present to watch it. Later on, Chini dashes towards Aryan, snatches the microphone away from him, and proceeds to the stage. When Thefflie gets closer to Chini, the alarm goes off in the detector. Chini’s microphone may be rigged with a nuclear bomb, according to her suspicions. The fact that Aryan has stated that she refers to him as a machine does not imply that she will demonstrate this assertion to him using the metal detector.

Imlie informs him about the explosive, and he reacts with surprise. They both make a beeline towards Chini and snag the microphone from her hands. They toss it into the air, and a huge explosion follows. As a form of protection, Aryan embraces Imlie. They are both experiencing the same thing at the same time. The flag is then rescued by Imlie just in time before it falls. She tries to allay people’s fears by pointing out that similar terrorists and criminals have attempted to fracture the unity of Indians in the past, but that the people of India will continue to function as one. They are immune to the effects of anyone else’s actions. Along with the other individuals, she sings Vandemataram. Aryan ensures that the flag is properly displayed at all times.

The minister commends her bravery and draws parallels between her and the armed forces. Imlie asserts that she is insignificant in comparison to the army, but that she has recently discharged her responsibilities as a citizen. Additionally, Aryan was on her side. The Bhaskar Times just lists her as a reporter there. The Minister praised her bravery, and he predicted that the offender will be apprehended in a timely manner. Chini believes in the strength of girls. Malini becomes enraged after hearing from other people that Imlie exhibited bravery. Anu advises that they get out of there quickly so as not to get caught by the cops. Anu has observed that Malini is missing one of her earrings. Imlie locates it under a chair, and she concludes that the disguised security guard who was responsible for the bomb explosion must have hidden it there. It’s guaranteed that she’ll get her.


Chini takes Malini’s other earring and asks her why she only has one earring in her ear after noticing that Malini only has one earring in her ear. Is this the latest in style? Where is the second one that we talked about? Malini’s nerves start to get the best of her and she stutters while saying that she is looking for it.

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