Imlie [22nd November 2022] Written Update

Imlie 22nd November 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 22nd November 2022

In Imlie, Imlie telling Chini to rest. She leaves and Arto sneaks into the room. He asks Chini how is he? Why didn’t she tell him that she wasn’t well? Chini says that she will take her medicine and rest. Otherwise, someone will find you together and doubt your love for no reason. Arto says that he doesn’t want to leave her alone but she says that she’s fine.

Chini talks to the organizer and tells him that it’s her sister’s first date, so he will decorate the place for her and Arto. Imlie says it wasn’t necessary. She helps Chini and she orders him to do the things she tells him to.

Chini acts like she’s getting sick and Imlie tells her to sit down. She follows her instructions to finish the decoration and says that she is getting nervous. Chini says it’s her first date so it’s normal. She tells Her to touch up before Arto sees her surprise.

Chini believes that Imlie does not know what is going to happen to her. Arto walks in and looks at her romantically, she also walks slowly towards him. Arto says that she is ruining her habits, he can turn the impossible into possible and do so many things for him.

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He even turned this date into a surprise. He orders Imlie’s favorite food from the waiter. She asks how she knows what her favorite food is. She says that she asked Arpita for information. Imlie’s dream ends.

Arto arrives at the decoration area and Chini turns off the light. She goes to the electrical box and pours water on the floor. Arto notices it and there Imlie tries to fix the fuse. Arto saves Chini from being electrocuted.

Chini lies saying that she came here to help Imlie. She says that she had no idea about dates and all, so she took Chini’s help. Arto says that She let her down a lot, that she didn’t take care of Chini and that this is not a date.

He just wanted to take her out to dinner and she did. Now, if something happened to Chini, what would her family respond to? Imlie is dejected and Arto leaves angrily. They come home.

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Chini shares with Anu how her plan worked. Anu asks him to continue working on her plan. Chini says that once Arto gets the property, she will marry him. Rudra listens to Chini and scolds her for trying to apologize. Chini says that she feels bad for him because no one is with him.

Arto will also only support her. Rudra says that she can only speak. He says that she hasn’t learned from her mistakes. He should bless her because she is her daughter-in-law. Rudra says that Imlie is his bahu. Not her.

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