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Calling Jyoti in a rage, Aryan. Imlie claims that Jyoti, who entered the hospital with the intention of killing her and Madhav, would emerge if she were at home. Jyoti has been meditating and praying for her safety, according to Narmada, since the morning. Imlie walks with Aryan to Jyoti’s room after stating that it is not possible. Jyoti presents a prayer-lost appearance. If everything is okay, Harry inquires. If she has seen Jyoti’s face, Aryan claims Jyoti is in her room. Imlie claims that she saw Harry and heard the voice of Jyoti, who gave her an injection. Jyoti is his buddy, and Aryan says he trusts her as much as Imlie trusts Madhav. Aryan claims that she has changed and that he trusted her under the wrong circumstances. Imlie confronts Jyoti and tells her to quit her theatrics when he and Harry leave. Jyoti claims to have been doing meditation here since the morning. Imlie challenges Jyoti to send her far from her family and says with a smirk that she crossed a line by trying to kill her and her unborn child. Imlie also swears to keep Jyoti away from her unborn child and Aryan.imlie written update

Imlie goes back to her bedroom. Aryan claims that although he was proud of her, she crushed his ego. What does he mean, she queries. He claims that she is trying to get even by falsely accusing his friend for accusing her friend, that Jyoti has been preoccupied with prayer since she moved in, and that he has always trusted Imlie and that she is attempting to abuse his confidence. Imlie vows in an emotional speech that she will do everything it takes to keep him safe and that she won’t let his trust be betrayed. Aryan asserts that she has no evidence against Jyoti.


Imlie claims that while she may have evidence tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, he shouldn’t believe her even then. If Madhav is such a serious crime, why isn’t she in the hospital suffering? If he learns this, he would know the difference between a buddy and an imposter. She departs after telling her kid in an emotive manner that Aryan would be handled by her and that she will handle its parents’ lack of trust for one another.


Nila remembered Kairi and Imlie beating her up when Kairi was dressed in men’s shoes. She goes to the kitchen and sees a man sleeping while wearing men’s shoes. She decides to reveal the man who is posing as Kairi. The woman dials Narmada. Arpita and Gudiya enter the room with Narmada. Arpita becomes anxious since Sundar will be revealed today. Nila claims Kairi is dozing off while donning men’s shoes. She is asked by Narmada not to bother Kairi. When Narmada takes off the cover, she is shocked to see Kairi dozing out instead. The drama in Kairi begins. Why is she donning men’s shoes, Nila queries. Kairi says its her father’s shoes and starts her jokergiri with her conjured up story. Nila is questioned by Narmada about her odd behaviour since the morning before being advised to take a nap. Nila is given a warning by Kairi not to mistreat her or else.


With aarti, Jyoti makes her way to Aryan’s room. Given how much Madhav loves his mother and how badly injured he is on the hospital bed, Aryan claims he is unsure if Madhav did anything wrong with Imlie. If Madhav is still alive, Jyoti wonders in disbelief. Of course he is alive, claims Aryan. She irritates him by accusing Madhav of wrongdoing Imlie and requests that he spare Madhav. As he approaches Mahdav, Aryan declares that he does not spare anyone. If Aryan meets Madhav, Jyoti becomes anxious that her secret will be revealed.


Jyoti asks Kairi to murder Imlie

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