Imlie [23rd August 2022] Written Update

Imlie 23rd August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie declares that she will find those responsible and will turn over the ear ring to the authorities. Malini makes an effort to take out her second earring in the hopes that nothing would be able to be used as evidence against her. Anu should be questioned by the Rathores on why she is here in this location. Anu claims that in the moments before the bomb went off, she was attempting to exit the area in a secure manner. Arpita becomes enraged with them when she finds out that they went to Rathore Mansion without being invited and asks why they then abandoned the Rathores when they were in danger without helping them.

They are not concerned about anyone but themselves. Chini takes Malini’s second earring and asks, “Is it the latest trend to only wear one earring?” Malini smiles and shakes her head. Where is the second one that we were looking for? Malini gets uneasy and creates excuses. A member of the security team gives Aryan information about the evidence that Imlie has gathered against the culprit who planted the device. Malini and Anu have to make a hasty exit from the location, while Aryan stays behind to speak with the authorities. According to Anu, today is going to be a challenging one for them.

Imlie is informed by the police that every effort will be made to apprehend the offender, and that they were surprised to see reporters from the Bhaskar Times present at the event because such journalists often exclusively attend festivities held in connection with famous people. Nothing even very like to it is said by Imlie; rather, she extols the virtues of Bhaskar Times and describes the publication’s primary mission. Both Aryan and Imlie express their gratitude to one another at the same time, and then they take turns asking the other to speak first.

Chini expresses gratitude to Aryan for rescuing her, and Aryan responds by referring to Chini as his own version of Miss Sugar. She ponders what he will do after finding out that Chini is actually Gudiya and wonders how he will respond at that time. After some time, she is successful in persuading him to report to work because the Bhaskar Times requires his presence. There is no guarantee that she will be available at all times to salvage his firm. He has stated that he will go home, change his clothing, and then proceed to the office. When Imlie finds out it, she is really excited.

Anu has a nightmare in which she is being tortured in jail, and Imlie appears to her as a law enforcement officer during the ordeal. She refers to Anu in a derogatory manner, calling her a poor maid, etc. While she is resting, Anu makes a horrible screaming sound. Malini reassures her by stating that she would create an additional pair of the earrings today in order to safeguard them from Imlie’s suspicions. Aryan gives Malini a call and tells her that they have proof and that he will be talking to the staff about the bomb detonation. He then begs Malini to come to the workplace immediately.

Malini breathes a sigh of relief when she considers the possibility that Aryan is still unaware of the truth. She explains to Aryan that since she has been working in offices for the past five years, she is more qualified to handle the current issue than he is. Since, according to him, he is Aryan Singh Rathore, he is exempt from requiring her permission to travel to any location. Anu is informed by Malini that she must report to the office immediately in order to address the situation because there is no other option.

The employees converse about the unexpected entrance of Aryan in the workplace. Malini yells at the workers and instructs them to pay attention, but Imlie tells her that Aryan will be the one to provide all of the directions to his workers today, and not Malini. There’s no reason for her to treat the staff members in such a condescending manner all the time.

Aryan informs everyone about the film of the bomb blow that they will release to the world, and unlike other media businesses, they have the sole right to do so. They are going to conduct an investigation into the incident thoroughly, and they are going to identify the true perpetrators. They should each contribute an equal amount of effort toward achieving that goal. After what seemed like over five years away from the office, one worker expressed gratitude to Imlie for bringing Aryan back. It defies explanation and is nothing short of a miracle.

Malini is concerned that her fraudulent activities would be brought to light, and that she will be arrested not only for the explosion, but also for the fraudulent activities. When she least expects it, her pocketbook has fallen on the ground just as she is rushing out the door. Imlie notices that the earring she was wearing in that ear has fallen out. When she chooses it, she is taken aback, and she immediately asks Malini whether or not this indicates that she is the one responsible for putting the lives of innocent people at danger. When the police come, Imlie is questioned about whether or not she had any evidence, at which point she hands over Malini’s ear ring and claims that Malini was the one who was responsible for the explosion. Malini’s reaction upon hearing all of that is complete and utter shock.


Imlie is repairing something close to the window, and Aryan is watching her from the stairs. When he approaches her, she becomes overwhelmed with fear. She collapses on top of him, and the two of them share an eye lock.

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