Imlie [23rd November 2022] Written Update

Imlie 23rd November 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 23rd November 2022

In Imlie, Rudra telling Imlie to forgive Arto, as the latter may be angry with her, but it shouldn’t drag it out too long.  She agrees and leaves. Chini gets angry to hear that. He teases her and walks away. Arto seems annoyed with Devika and Devika asks him what happened, to which she replies what she did during dinner.

Devika says that he thinks Chini is involved in this and that he shouldn’t have hurt Imlie like that, he should apologize to her for her rudeness.

Imlie enters her room to find that Arto has decorated it for her. She even catered for a dinner.  She is happy and Arto apologizes for hurting her feelings and yelling at her. He also made a comment about the way she dresses on her, so she’s sorry. She asks him not to feel bad.

She joins him at dinner and says she doesn’t know about all this, so Chini gave her ideas about her and she got help from her. Chini made him think it’s a date. Arto is surprised to hear that. He wonders if Chini wanted to create misunderstandings between him and Imlie.

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Chini feels insecure thinking why Arto is losing interest in her and paying attention to Imlie, Arto comes and replies that because of her insecurity she got angry with Imlie for no reason and misunderstood her. He says because Chini told him it’s not a thank you dinner but a date. Atharv gets angry and Chini says that she is acting like the rest of the people who don’t treat her right.

She says she made those arrangements just for him, she thought he would like her, but he’s scolding her. He doesn’t love her at all. She acts like she’s crying and he hugs her and apologizes as he tells her to treat her like a girl. Kia snaps a photo of their hug to use at just the right moment.

Rudra shares with his family that some important guests are arriving. Guests should be treated properly here. You want all your family members to be present. Devika asks Kia to clean the cutlery etc but she the latter hands the responsibility to Imlie out of nervousness.

Rudra teases Kia. Arto shows no interest in meeting Rudra’s guests, but Rudra says that he should at least be here for his father’s happiness, since he is his son. Arto asks what else she should do to impress him. He’s already done it all.

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Imlie then asks Arto what she did for Rudra. She senses things and makes him understand that parents understand better than we do and that he should at least be there for the honor of the guests. Arthur agrees. Guests come to the house and talk to Rudra. Imlie is busy cooking.

She comes to serve their food, speaking broken English, and the stranger says she must be the waitress. Akash prevents Arto’s younger brother from saying that she is not a servant. The stranger believes that Chini is Arto’s wife.  She is downcast.


Guests insult Imlie when she spilled the drink on her clothes. Arto gets angry.

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