Imlie [24th August 2022] Written Update

Imlie 24th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie handing the earpiece over to the authorities and claiming that Malini is the one who owns it, despite the fact that she obtained the exact same one at the event. Malini is questioned by the inspector to determine whether or not she was responsible for the explosion and whether or not she planted the bomb in the reporting mic used by her own company. Anu arrives at the moment with the same earpiece as Malini, explaining that she heard it in the car and that Malini should not be reckless with diamond jewellery. This causes Malini to get anxious. She remembers how she had to pay the seller a greater amount of money to receive the identical earpiece, and the seller also deleted the CCTV tape once she had done so.

Malini asserts that Anu is merely accusing her of being irresponsible, whereas Imlie is characterising her as a terrorist. I don’t understand why she continues to lay the blame on her. Aryan asserts that Imlie has provided proof for all of the allegations that have been made against her, and that they are free to provide this information to the authorities as well. Malini informs the Inspector that she serves as the Chief Operating Officer of this organisation and that he is free to get in touch with her at any time should he require assistance. Inspector expresses his regret to her before exiting the room. Malini confronts Imlie with a request for an apology just as the young woman is ready to depart. Imlie claims that she will one day prove this accusation as well, and once she does, she will see to it that Malini is disciplined.

Imlie’s existence doesn’t matter to anyone, and things will continue to happen even without her, according to Malini, who claims that Imlie has an unhealthy level of confidence, despite the fact that she is unable to set everything right on her own and that she has no control over the situation. Because of Imlie’s efforts, Aryan was able to come to work, therefore the other staff members feel grateful to her. Imlie has indicated that she will remain until such time as everything has returned to its usual state. Aryan overhears that and proceeds to Imlie for further discussion.

Malini is under the impression that Aryan is going to berate Imlie for her intervention, but Aryan simply takes Imlie back to her house without reprimanding her in any way. In a fit of rage, Malini makes a mess of her room while demanding to know why the devil Imlie would return. It was her third victory overall. Anu argues that the fact that they evaded capture by the authorities is sufficient justification. Now, if they are discovered owing to fraudulent activities or a bomb detonation, they will be required to pay a significant amount of money in order to win the lawsuit. Malini breaks down into tears as a result of her frustration. Anu soothes her.

The Rathores have big plans for celebrating Janmashtami, but Aryan doesn’t understand why they would do it. Sundar explains that they want to have a joyful celebration because Imlie is back with them, and they feel that this occasion should be particularly meaningful for them. Chini becomes animated and begins to engage in play with Jaggu. Arpita is the one who puts a halt to Aryan’s stealthy departure from that location.

. She finds herself getting emotional, and she asks him to smile and laugh just as he used to. I don’t understand why he enjoys being in constant discomfort. If it is possible for Imlie to start smiling even after she has lost Cheeku, then there is no reason why he can’t. Aryan claims that he is unable to show affection toward the individual who stole his child. Arpita has expressed the desire that she has for her brother to return to his previous state. She has a great deal of longing for him. She sobs into his shoulder as they embrace one another. Chini shares with Meethi that she will undoubtedly bring Imlie and Aryan together on the holiday of Janmashtami.

Malini and Anu are informed by Preeta that Imlie and Aryan would be celebrating Janmashtami with the rest of the family, and that Chini will also take part in those festivities. Preeta claims that Malini is not helping her in any way, and as a result, she is at a loss as to what steps to take next. Imlie puts finishing touches to the house while perched on the step stool. Aryan takes note of her and realises that he won’t be the one to help her if she happens to trip and fall because she’s the one who usually does it. Imlie believes that once she sees him, she will not tremble or shake in any way. Aryan stumbles over to Imlie when Chini hits him in the leg with a stone and causes him to lose his equilibrium. After Imlie has fallen on top of him, the two of them glance at each other.


Imlie confronts Aryan with the question, “If you cause danger to me, then why do you continually come to protect and save me?” as the final scene of the episode. Because he believes she will deceive him in the future and because she has already broken their agreement, he cannot forgive her for either of those things.

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