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Aryan requests that Kairi not tell Imlie that she saw him in the police station and claims that he is being falsely accused of setting Madhav’s house on fire. Why did he go there? Kairi queries. He asserts that it is not her concern. She makes a threat to tell Imlie then. He claims that there was misunderstanding regarding Madhav between him and Imlie, so he visited Madhav’s home to resolve the issue. Even in his rage, Kairi/Imlie believes he respects her wish and appreciates him for it. Then he wonders if she’s intoxicated and warns Imlie that if she finds out that her buddy is an alcoholic, she’ll be hurt. Why won’t he accept her words, Imlie wonders. What does she mean, he queries. His attorney explains that despite having court orders, the police are making absurd reasons, thus he must spend tonight at the police station. It’s OK, says Aryan. Imlie is adamant on getting Aryan out of there.imlie-written-update

Harry’s destination is questioned by Jyoti. Far from her, he says. He cannot easily escape her sorcery, she says as she crushes an alcohol bottle on her palm. He admits that in an attempt to kill Madhav, he set fire to his home and had Aryan arrested. Hearing it, Jyoti is astonished and tells him to get Aryan out right away. Harry asserts that he is not merely a tool to be used to carry out her will at all times and that he is okay if Imlie learns the truth about her or Aryan is imprisoned. Threatening to accuse him, Jyoti says she would kill herself. Harry gives up with frustration.


Aryan is innocent, so Kairi requests the inspector to release him. The inspector mocks her. Imlie promises to establish Aryan’s innocence. She inquires as to the time of the fire disaster at Madhav’s building and the timing of the video of Aryan’s business meeting. Consable claims that an eyewitness called him. Imlie calls the inspector and complains, demonstrating that anyone may make a false call to trick someone. The inspector grants the constable permission to release Aryan on bond after stating that the girl is correct. She seems unbelievable to Aryan. After being freed, Kairi approaches him and playsfully refers to him as her “half husband.” She is referred to by Aryan as a “strange woman” and told to find a man for herself.


When Kairi decides to tell him the truth, she takes off her wig and false teeth and picks up a video camera. Aryan departs to meet the inspector and complete the bail procedures. Pushing her, Jyoti rushes in. Broken voice recorder after falling. Jyoti rushes over to embrace Aryan and assures him that the cosmos won’t allow him to be unfairly punished. According to Harry, the electrician for Madhav’s building claimed that a short circuit was to blame for the fire catastrophe, making Aryan innocent. After the formalities are complete, Aryan’s attorney asks the inspector whether they can depart. Imlie believes Jyoti and Harry damaged the voice recorder and even proven their innocence, but she was wrong once more.


Inspector is informed by Aryan that he needs to thank someone. Jyoti is joyful because he believes he will thank her. Kairi is thanked for aiding Aryan as he approaches her on foot. Kairi turns to face Aryan while wearing her wig back and smiling. Jyoti approaches her and queries her purpose for being there. According to Aryan, Kairi works here part-time. After doing her jokergiri, Kairi asks Jyoti how she learned that Aryan was present. According to Harry, they came here after receiving a call from the police station. Aryan queries whether they told anyone back home, particularly Imlie. Imlie must be sleeping right now because she needs to rest, according to Jyoti, who claims that if Imlie had known about it, she would have run to Madhav instead because she is his friend and came to support her buddy Aryan.


They arrive at home. Kairi once more flirtatiously posts Aryan. Frustrated, Aryan makes his way to his room. Calling Madhav’s mother, Kairi enquires about Madhav’s health. Mother claims that his condition is currently stable. They will be relocated to Pagdandiya, according to Kairi, until the problem is resolved. Moving toward Imlie’s bedroom is Aryan. When he considers who he will meet while she is here, Kairi becomes anxious. Sundar covers Imlie with a blanket while he sleeps. Aryan runs his fingers through Sundar’s hair and declares that she is acting sleepy because she is mad with him. When Aryan engages in romantic behaviour, Sundar becomes attentive and uneasy. Imlie enters the space and tenses up.


Harry approaches Imlie while brandishing a cleaver after discovering that Kairi and Imlie are identical.

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