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The episode start with:

Imlie landing on Aryan, while Chini can’t help but smile when she sees them together. Both Aryan and Imlie look at each other and share an eye lock. Imlie comes to her feet, and he confronts her with the question: “If you can’t stand on the table properly, then why are you doing that?”

She retorts that his eyesight is poor, and that’s why she fell because of him. Aryan incorrectly claims that he will protect her from falling multiple times. He is about to leave to avoid the awkwardness, and Imlie asks him why he comes to save her when he doesn’t trust her. Why does he defend her while at the same time harbouring some doubts about her? Aryan asserts that the reason for this is because she is a traitor. It is not necessary for her to display her aesthetic superiority by embellishing the home. Because he won’t allow her intrusion in his home and because he has no intention of taking part in the Janmastami puja, he has decided that he will leave the house the day after tomorrow. Chini feels responsible for the situation and insists that she must prevent Aryan from leaving.

Chini comes along with Jaggu, and Sundar offers assistance to Imlie in the process of decorating the jhula. Jaggu takes Sundar and Arpita’s hands in his and says that they are his parents and that on Janmashtami, all of them will perform the puja together. Chini is the one who is questioned by him about where her parents are. Chini notices that Aryan is descending the steps, so she leads Imlie to meet up with him. She firmly grasps both of their hands while announcing that Aryan is her Nand Baba and Imlie is her Yasodha Ma.

They are planning to perform the puja on the holiday of Janmashtami. Imlie scolds Chini and advises her not to be so insistent all the time after hearing that Aryan will not be at home at that time. Aryan has stated that he will not be at home. Arpita asks Chini, who is weeping, why Imlie and Aryan are unable to grant Chini’s wish. Chini continues to cry. They shouldn’t make her weep, especially not in front of others. Chini is overjoyed when she hears Aryan reassure her that he will be performing the pooja on her behalf.

Malini appears with a Bal Gopal idol. She pretends as if she is upset about the disappearance of her child and says that she would have spent the festival in the same way with her daughter if it had been possible, but since that is no longer the case, she will enjoy it on her own. She presented Rathores with the idol she had brought. Narmada extends an invitation to her to celebrate among them throughout the festivities, pointing out that she does not stand alone.

Imlie is under the impression that Malini herself abandoned Chini at the temple, and that she is now attempting to garner sympathy for her actions. She comes to the conclusion that she needs to be watchful regarding Malini’s motives. Chini is the one who positions the Bal Gopal on the Jhula. Despite the fact that Chini has no biological parents of her own, she considers it a blessing that she was given Imlie and Aryan to raise her. Imlie cheers her up. Chini and Jaggu have a disagreement about who will take on the role of Krishna on Janmashtami. Imlie has decided that they will both change their names to Krishna so that nobody will be offended.

Chini is made to feel inferior by Nila, who draws parallels between her and Sudama. Imlie refers to her as the devil for pointing out the differences between the children. Nila makes an attempt to slap her, but Imlie twists her hand away from making contact. According to Imlie, Nila has been living in their home for the past five years like a termite, and she has been brazenly causing conflict within their family. On the other hand, she is no longer going to allow her to behave in that manner. She makes it clear that she expects Nila to make amends with Chini. Nila does so. On the festival of Janmashtami, Anu brags that Malini brought the 22-carat gold idol for them to worship. When Imlie arrives after she has finished getting ready, Narmada says that she resembles gold in its purest form. Anu becomes irked.


Aryan feels impressed at Imlie’s look. Malini’s ire is roused whenever he comes too close to her. She claims that Chini is the reason why they cannot come together as one group. She dials the numbers of several of her men and inquires about their whereabouts at this moment.

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