Imlie 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 27th June 2022 Written Episode Update on

Sai is upset that Bhavani chose Pakhi to be the surrogate mother for her child. She claims that Virat and she should choose the surrogate mother for their child, not Bhavani. She is told to calm down by Virat, who also adds that he is eagerly anticipating the birth of their child. On the other hand, Pakhi explains to Vaishali how Sai disagreed with Bhavani’s choice and attempted to have Pakhi removed as the surrogate. Vaishali claims that she has already advised her not to consider that. Pakhi asserts that she won’t take anyone’s advice and will do whatever it takes to become Virat’s baby’s mother. Vaishali becomes worried after observing Pakhi’s actions.



Although Pakhi had persuaded Bhavani that only she can be the surrogate mother of Sai and Virat’s child, Ashwini meets Virat and Sai and claims to understand their anxiety. Sai queries whether even she concurs. Ashwini claims that Bhavani and a few others want that, but she doesn’t. Sai queries how she can allow a woman who previously loved her husband to carry her child.

When they heard that, Virat and Ashwini stood in awe. Vaishali tries to explain to Pakhi that even after giving birth, she won’t be able to refer to the child as her own. Pakhi claims she doesn’t care because she only wants to get close to Virat and eventually win his heart through the child. When the child is born, Vaishali claims that it will be referred to as Virat and Sai’s baby rather than her own, and no one will even question her. What if Sai is forgotten by everyone, Pakhi wonders, and she secures a place in Virat’s heart for all time?


Virat informs Sai that Pakhi has forgiven him and is much in love with Samrat. Sai queries how she could forget Samrat so quickly, alter her demeanour abruptly, and insist on taking on her role while still holding her accountable for yesterday. As a woman, Sai claims she can sense Pakhi’s motivation. According to Virat, all they need is a woman who is qualified to carry their child. Sai declares that she will reject Bhavani’s request since she will find a woman soon.


Walking to Bhavani’s room, Pakhi. She is told by Bhavani not to worry since she will make Sai accept her as his surrogate. Nobody, according to Pakhi, can persuade Sai easy. She used to humiliate Sai frequently, but she has changed and now genuinely wants to help Sai. To stop Sai from talking, Bhavani claims she won’t let him choose another surrogate and will take the woman to the doctor to have checked out. She visits a doctor the following day to have Pakhi examined. After examining Pakhi, the doctor informs Bhavani that her DIL is entirely capable of bearing children. She applauds Bhavani for considering remarrying her DIL. For doing so, Bhavani gives her a tongue lashing and declares that she wants Pakhi to be Sai’s baby’s surrogate mother. According to the doctor, it is not feasible because becoming a surrogate mother requires having children first. Bhavani believes Sai was being honest.


The wife of Sai’s patient thanks Sai for saving her husband’s life and expresses her intention to become the surrogate mother of her child in order to pay back Sai. Sai becomes upset and queries her sincerity in wanting to assist her. Lady’s husband supports her as well. Thank you, Sai. Woman said she hopes to witness Sai give birth soon. Sai promises to go to a doctor about it and to first share the good news with someone. She gleefully informs Virat over the phone that her hunt is finished. Unsure, Virat is seated. Sai promises to notify him of everything when she visits his office.


Virat is awaiting Sai. Instead, Pakhi enters and says she is sorry for her prior behaviour toward Sai and that Sai is still upset with her. Virat claims that Sai was present when Pakhi made this startling proposal, and he and Sai should select who would be the mother of their child, while Pakhi should comprehend Sai’s behaviour as a woman. Pakhi claims that, in addition to Samrat, she also lost her heart and a great deal more. Virat claims that while he misses Samrat just as much as she does, they are helpless to stop it. Pakhi claims she feels the anguish every second, but Sai accuses her of having ulterior motives and queries whether she possesses any flaws that would prevent her from being Virat’s baby’s mother. When Virat hears that, he widens his eyes in shock. Pakhi clarifies that she meant a surrogate and that her goals are distinct.


Pakhi begs Virat to allow her to be Sai’s mother so she may persuade him. Sai reaches over and becomes enraged upon witnessing Sai squeezing Virat’s hand.

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