Imlie 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Imlie 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update

Harry warns Imlie that Jyoti would ruin his life if he doesn’t kill her. He attacks her, she pushes him away while yelling, and he drops out the window. Rushing outside, Aryan and his family hope Imlie is okay. Harry is discovered hurt and laying on the ground. Gudiya remarks that her ex-husband has now fallen down after Jyoti did earlier. Jyoti believes she sent Harry to murder Imlie, but because Harry is now in critical condition, she must kill Imlie herself. As her spouse is going to pass away, Nila observes her expression and inquires as to where she is lost. Jyoti expresses concern and requests that the doctor be called. Sundar drags Harry inside while Aryan wonders why Harry entered his and Imlie’s room and then fell from it.


Harry is seen by a doctor. Harry is given the option of accusing Imlie of pushing him out the window, or else Jyoti will kill him. Imlie wonders what Jyoti is whispering in Harry’s ear. Harry gestures toward Imlie before letting go of his hand. Arpita claims he has something to say. According to the doctor, Harry’s head injury caused paralysis. Harry feels as though he fell from their chamber, Aryan tells Imlie as he pulls her aside. Imlie admits he had brought a leaver to their chamber with the intention of killing her. Aryan confronts Harry in a rage. Imlie claims Jyoti is in control of everything. She occasionally speaks in favour of Jyoti, according to Aryan, and occasionally speaks against her. Without hesitation, she offers to be his partner for the day at his request. He extends his hand to her in agreement.

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As Madhav and his mother prepare to leave the city, he becomes alarmed when he hears a knock on the door. When Imlie and Aryan enter, Madhav is told not to be alarmed because it is her. She informs Aryan that Madhav suffered three attacks. Aryan reassures Madhav that he is safe and queries whether Jyoti was responsible for the attack. Madhav makes up the fact that Jyoti did nothing. Imlie is in awe. In a fit of rage, Aryan accuses Imlie of wrongdoing by Madhav and threatens to punish him. He asserts that Madhav would undoubtedly be punished for his transgressions and that he knows Madhav’s Pagdandiya address. Imlie swears to Aryan and requests that he not speak to Madhav. Madhav only claims that he did nothing. Imlie dismisses Aryan and queries why he lied.


Madhav recollects Jyoti asking him to leave the city with his mother before Aryan and Imlie arrive and threatening to kill him if he said his mother’s name in front of them. He claims Jyoti is insane and threatened to kill his mother, which is why he had to keep his lips shut, he tells Imlie. Imlie expresses regret and makes a commitment to guard him and his mother in Pagdandiya while revealing Jyoti’s truth.


Hary and Kairi receive criticism from Jyoti for not killing Imlie. According to Kairi, who claims to not be a slug, she has some knowledge for her but requires some gold bracelets first. With a pout, Jyoti hands her a gold bangle. Harry was thrown out of the window by Imlie, according to Kairi. Jyoti urges her to give back her bracelet after claiming to be aware of this. In addition to promising to kill Imlie, Kairi claims the bangle is for her upcoming mission. Even Kairi seemed to detest Imlie and believe that Imlie deserves to die, according to Jyoti. How will she kill Imlie, she queries. She should keep the other pair of bangles prepared, adds Kairi, adding that it is none of her business. She departs believing that Jyoti’s drama will be resolved tomorrow.


Aryan remembers Madhav disputing Jyoti’s accusation of assault. As she approaches him, Kairi believes his disappointment would be short-lived because she managed to get the truth in front of him. She tries to wipe his ear while she dusts his laptop to get his attention. She is advised to keep clear of him by him. She queries his silence at that point and inquires as to what she should offer him. He wonders if she can bring him and Imlie together once more by putting a stop to their disagreements, distance, and dissatisfaction. Then he says sorry for being so harsh. She assures him that everything will be OK and advises him to have courage because nobody can separate him from Imlie. She leaves babbling after promising to fetch him coffee.


Aryan and Kairi engage in romantic behaviour, which makes Kairi uneasy. Nila stares out the window in disbelief.

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