Imlie [28th November 2022] Written Update

Imlie 28th November 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 28th November 2022

In Imlie, Rudra telling Imlie that Chini needs proper treatment and they should send her to the centre. Chini says she needs her sister’s love and She says she will help Chini get better than her. Rudra says but what happened yesterday would have hurt anyone and they must not neglect Chini’s health.

Arto says he doesn’t think Chini is sick, that she’s not going anywhere. Rudra says the center is not that bad and that they can provide professional care for Chini, which she cannot. So it’s the best decision for her. Arto is not convinced so Rudra says that if people find out what Chini did despite her being fine, they will send her to jail for attempted murder.

Devika tells Arto to understand that. The Rathods come to take back Chini. Chini goes to Sundar and tells them that Rana is sending her to the treatment centre. She explains the whole incident, Rupy apologizes to Rudra on Chini’s behalf and adds that Chini will go home with them.

Imlie says that Chini should go back to the Rathod mansion and that she doesn’t need to go to any centre. Chini says why she doesn’t want to be with her just because of a problem. Akash tells Kia that Chini needs to learn a lesson for her acting.

Imlie Today’s Episode Online:

Rudra tells Sundar that anyone could have died yesterday from Chini, so nowadays she is bad for herself. They should let her go to the treatment center. Sundar agrees to send Chini there and the latter is shocked. Chini pleads with her to stop this, as she too prevented her from going to boarding school as a child.

Imlie feels helpless and Chini goes downtown. Imlie prays to God for Chini and feels guilty for letting her go. She says Chini expected him to heal her, but she didn’t. Arpita makes him realize that she is not always to blame for every bad thing. She says she hopes Chini will return after a full recovery.

Arto feels guilty thinking he hurt both sisters. He couldn’t support Chini and he’s not even telling her the truth. Chini is asked to eat at the center and the nurse tells her that she will start the treatment path from tomorrow. Chini angrily throws the food away.

Imlie can’t eat thinking whether she Chini ate or not. Shivani teases her that only she is worried about her sister, not others. She says she might not be good at other things, but not in terms of wanting the best of her for her sister.

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Anu lashes out at Rathods for allowing Chini to go to the treatment centre. Sundar says they checked the center. Anu says Chini’s goal was to spend more time with her sister. Rupy says she knows their real plan, so Chini should just be the focus. Sundar says Chini will stay away from Anu, Anu says she will meet Chini.

Chini tells her that she will create a scene and Imlie will have no choice but to take her back to Frog Mansion. Anu encourages her and there Chini thinks Imlie ignored her when she was leaving, Arto didn’t call her either.

Imlie calls Chini, but Chini drops her phone. Imlie wonders if Chini is mad at her and won’t return her calls. Arto brings food for Imlie and tries to cheer her up by telling her that Chini needs treatment which she is getting.

Imlie shouldn’t blame herself. Imlie says she’s happy Arto is with her through this difficult situation. She gives him credit and she wishes Chini had a life partner like him. She looks at Arto.


Chini tells Imlie on a video call that people here are torturing her. Arto and Imlie set out to save her from trouble. Arto’s car loses its balance

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