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Aarti is performed for Seeta Maiya by Kairi/Imlie, who asks her to give Aryan the gift of truth. She claims that the only thing that could be a better gift is for Aryan to find out that he is the father of her child. Aryan looks for Imlie and queries Kairi about seeing her. No, says Kairi. She forgot his birthday, Aryan claims, and she doesn’t know where she is. Kairi claims she can recall. What does she mean, he queries. Imlie began flirting with Kairi after telling her about his birthday, Kairi claims. He takes her hand and begs her to stop since he is aware that she is an imposter. He tolerated her deceiving him and his family, but he cannot stand for her to accuse his closest buddy of trying to kill her.

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Kairi understands it’s all in her head. Romance blossoms between Aryan and her. He is pushed away by her tensely as she commands him to be proper. When she encouraged him and named him ABP, he claims to have recognised her and removed her false teeth. She claims to be a master posing as a slave. She isn’t, he claims, and she failed. She vows that there won’t ever be another misunderstanding between them and asks him to help her expose Jyoti’s truth. Aryan is wished a happy birthday by Jyoti, who also inquires as to whether he saw Imlie. Kairi runs away. Aryan claims not to have seen Imlie. Jyoti adjourns. Imlie is free to pursue her interests, and Aryan promises to always be there to support her. When she thanks him, he embraces her. Nila, who is surprised as she watches them from the window, believes that Aryan fell for another servant and not Gudiya.


Calling Aryan, Kairi requests that he pay close attention to her and Jyoti’s conversation. She asks Jyoti what she should do when she sees her. Jyoti will complete her mission as she believes Kairi and Harry both failed. She asserts that she will personally cut the lady/bhindi fingers. Another task, says Kairi. Jyoti asserts that she will complete her assignment without the assistance of Kairi. Kairi regrettably returns to Aryan. Aryan claims to have overheard them discussing cutting the ladies finger. Imlie asserts that Bindhi refers to Imlie and resolves to reveal Jyoti’s reality today. Aryan wants his birthday present. He is kissed by her. When Neela sees that again, she is shocked and shows Gudiya. Gudiya is discouraged.


Aryan’s birthday arrangements are made by Arpita and Sundar. Kairi comes back from the grocery store. Harry feels Jyoti is unaware that Imlie is Kairi after taking a peek at Kairi. Jyoti approaches him, calls him the world’s burden, and confesses her intention to assassinate Imlie during Aryan’s birthday celebration. To make the kairi and imlie chutney the way Aryan prefers, Narmada instructs the servant. Indicating Kairi is Harry. Even Harry seems to enjoy kairi and imlie chutney, according to Kairi. A man asks who Imlie is while bringing her birthday cake and a package. When Jyoti appears, Kairi first claims it’s her, after which she acts as if she doesn’t need Imlie. She tells Jyoti that Imlie makes her complete all of her responsibilities after receiving the cake package. She hides a camera to capture Jyoti’s behaviour and keeps the package in the room. Sh eleavs once.


As soon as Imlie chooses the cake, Jyoti arrives and hangs a knife over a covert pulley, believing that she will vanish from the world. She tries it on a watermelon before quietly leaving the room. She performs for the camera. Aryan gets ready for his party in the evening. Imlie gets ready and approaches him on foot. Their passionate nok jhok begins. Imlie says she wants to let him know that she finished her preparation if he finished making fun of her. When Jyoti overhears her, she inquires about the preparation. Imlie is tensed up.



During the party, Kairi dances with Aryan, and her false teeth come out. Someone picks it after she searches for it.

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