Imlie [29th August 2022] Written Update

Imlie 29th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie discovering her phone in the general vicinity of the crime scene. She claims that the phone may be found, but that Chini is nowhere to be found. Aryan notices some marks on the road and deduces that Chini was taken from that location in the opposite way. He fires up the engine of his car once more and drives off with Imlie. Anu mocks the Rathorian warriors after observing them perform the Puja ritual. She claims that they include the servants into their families and offer puja for those who steal.

While Sundar vents his frustration, Narmada calms herself down by singing a bhajan to Kanha ji and concentrating on her prayers. Swapnil receives a call from Malini in which she informs him that she is in the process of sending him a picture, which he should inspect. However, because of all the background noise, he is unable to give her his full attention. Malini will not stop repeating what she has already said, and as a result, she will eventually become irate because she will believe that the Rathores are engaging in this behavior on purpose in order to aggravate her.

The car carrying the kidnappers makes a pit stop somewhere in the middle of the journey so that the captors can inspect the engine. Imlie overhears them conversing and instructs Aryan to come to a complete halt in the vehicle. She leaves the house to confront the kidnappers and inquire about Chini’s whereabouts if they find her. Her captors tell her a lie, claiming that they didn’t see her while they were holding her captive. The two passengers, Imlie and Aryan, climb inside the automobile. After waiting for some time, Imlie finally notices Chini’s hand inside the kidnappers’ car, and she is stunned by what she sees.

She makes an attempt to run behind the automobile, but she is unsuccessful. Aryan encourages her to maintain her optimism and assures her that they will succeed in rescuing Chini from her captors. As soon as he gets behind the wheel, he starts driving recklessly, and he intends to beat up those individuals who are trying to hurt Chini. Imlie encourages him to take a deep breath and relax. Laddoo is handed to Jaggu, who is then tasked with delivering it to Malini on Sundar’s behalf. Due to a clerical error, Jaggu causes Malini’s phone to tumble to the ground. Malini notices that the phone is damaged; she is unsure how she will communicate with the kidnappers at this point.

Anu instructs Malini to contact the men using her phone and gives the task to Malini. Malini insists that she is unable to notify them in such a straightforward manner. Nila overhears them and threatens to never speak about Malini’s plotting in front of anyone if Malini does not get Aryan and Preeta married. Nila’s threat is overheard by Malini, but Nila uses it as a kind of blackmail. Imlie should die as well. However, according to Anu, Malini will end up marrying Aryan and not Preeta. Malini raises an objection, asserting that Aryan will never marry anybody but Preeta. Nila comes to her senses and agrees. When Aryan and Imlie walk past the automobile that the kidnappers are driving, they both notice that Chini is calling out to them from inside the vehicle.

Aryan does a U-turn, and in the meantime, the car that is kidnapping Aryan is ready to collide with a truck, and the kidnappers lose their footing. The car is involved in a collision, and both Imlie and Aryan are taken aback by what they see. Aryan looks around the vehicle for Chini but can’t seem to find her. He calls Imlie as she is giving off an expression of numbness. Junglee is the name he yells in an attempt to bring her to her senses. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about, but they are both committed to protecting Chini in any situation. It is not possible for her to misplace her. He needs Imlie’s help now.

While Imlie and Aryan are searching for her, they are startled to hear her voice coming from beyond the bridge. Chini recounts how she leaped from the moving automobile just prior to the collision, and how she landed in that location. Imlie makes a hasty effort to rescue her by leaping off the bridge, but Aryan warns her not to repeat the same mistake she made the first time because he won’t allow it. It is he who brings the lengthy brunches of the tree, and it is she who descends with its assistance. He cautions her to exercise extreme caution in the situation. Chini is on the verge of passing out, but Imlie is there in time to prevent her from collapsing.


Imlie and Aryan move in closer proximity to one another. Imlie claims that she lied to him when she told him that she hates him since the truth is that she has always loved him and continues to love him now. They both consummate, and Aryan awakens without Imlie in the next room. He is under the impression that he is unable to recall any information.

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