Imlie [29th November 2022] Written Update

Imlie 29th November 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 29th November 2022

In Imlie, Imlie telling Arto that Chini deserves a partner like him. Someone should understand Chini as he understands her. She feels lucky that Arto is her husband. Arto says that he was wrong and that he can’t do anything for Chini.

Arto says that he is not so lucky with her and Chini is getting the treatment she needs. Chini starts talking nonsense and threatens the door to set the room on fire. She scares him with her warning. Limb tells her to eat something and She eats. She is about to feed him, but Chini video calls her.

Chini acts like the asylums are torturing her. She is hiding from them. The nursing home staff try to reach her and Chini hangs up. Imlie and Arto worry about her and leave to win her back. Rudra tries to stop them, but Arto says that it is not the right place for Chini and if he trusts Imlie’s words, she should let them go.

Rudra tells Devika that Chini has played her card and now it is her turn to defeat Chini. There, Chini lies on the hospital bed and asks the doctors to press the injection according to her plan. The doctor is confused because this case is very rare for him and Chini says that she will win for sure. Rudra hires men to stop her and Arto from reaching the asylum.

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Arto says that he knows that Rudra will take Chini away from them, Rudra’s men keep spikes in the road and Arto’s car tire gets a flat. She holds Arto’s hand as he loses his balance and they share a look.

Rudra’s men inform Rudra that his job is over and Devika worries about Arto Imlie how they are going to get home without a car. I’m not close Rudra says that he did it to bring them closer and tells Devika not to worry. Kia thinks that if Chini doesn’t come back it will be her loss, so she should do something about it.

Arto says that Rudra always wants to impose his choice on his son and feels that he is always right just because she is older than him. Imlie tells him not to get hyper and talk bad about her father. Arto says that she can’t control her anger anymore, Imlie tells him to calm down and makes fun of him.

He says that at least he shouldn’t get bored of hearing her complain. Imlie says that Rudra is more experienced than them and they should understand that. Arto says that he shouldn’t support all of Rudra’s actions. Imlie says that things can only be resolved through discussion. He also wants to know why Rudra has so many problems with Chini. He will bring more transparency. Arto is surprised to hear his words in Hindi.

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He asks that Imlie never get angry. Chini throws away the halwa that Imlie had sent her. She runs from her room and the nurse tries to catch her. Imlie’s feet are dislocated but she lies to Arto, she is fine and has trouble walking. Arto looks at her and she hesitates. He hugs her and they get closer.


Imlie is told by a hitman to drive the truck, but she refuses. Arto is captured by some thugs. Some boys try to stop Imlie and ask for help.

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