Imlie [2nd December 2022] Written Update

Imlie 2nd December 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 2nd December 2022

In Imlie, Arto instructing the children to ask the kidnappers for food. The children ask them to share their food but they refuse to do so. The kidnappers notice that Arto is no longer running after the truck. The ringleader asks Imlie where her husband is. Why did he leave without her? She says that no one can stop someone from leaving.

Arto enters the truck and hits the kidnappers. The children begin to cheer him on for defeating the kidnappers. They are unloaded from the van and Imlie Arto immediately leaves with the children. Children say that the first time they saw the hero and heroine in real life. They tease Arto that Imlie must be his first crush.

Imlie Today’s Episode Online:

Arto says no, Imlie then asks who her first crush was. Arto says that he was his school teacher. She says that he is teaching children the wrong things. Arto scolds the children and asks her where they are going. She replies that the center is close to them, so they arrive and they will call the parents of the children. Chini refuses to take medicine and receives the call from her. She feigns tears and asks her to come over soon.

Chini cuts off the power to the center and locks herself in a cold room. She says that she will act like the asylum staff are torturing her to bring Imlie and Arto down.  She and Arto arrive at the hospital where a boy named Titu goes missing with another boy. Imlie and Arto go looking for Titu. Titu playfully turns on the main switch and Chini feels cold inside the chamber. She panics thinking how to get out of this place. She screams for help.

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Arto and Imlie find Chini and he scolds the hospital staff for treating their patients this way. Chini comes out after she opens the door. The door closes before she can get out. Arto realizes that she has been standing there. She says that the key is in her hands.Arto asks him to wait, he tells the staff to bring the duplicate keys.

Arto encourages her and the latter defines herself as nice. The kids tease Chini that  she is going to get out safely. The staff says they only have one key for now. Arto becomes hyper and says how is it possible. The doctor tells Arto not to let Imlie fall asleep, otherwise she will go into hypothermia due to the cold and she might even die.

Arto tries to wake her up and Imlie shudders. (Mai adhura jee raha hu plays in the background) Imlie and Arto look at each other and the temperature drops. Chini is jealous to see both of them.


Chini orders a letter bomb to a person. The man says that whoever opens it will be killed by the explosion. Chini says that it is because of Rudra as he has upset her a lot. Arto tries to see the card and is about to open it and Chini feels nervous.

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