Imlie [2nd September 2022] Written Update

Imlie 2nd September 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Arpita making a suggestion to Aryan on how he can change himself for Imlie. Aryan has stated that he is going to get some sleep and then change his clothes. He is leaving. Nila tells Anu that she owes her a favour for Imlie saving the life of her kid because it was a favour that Anu performed for Imlie. Malini has stated that she will put an end to Imlie and Aryan’s relationship and will give them the favour they requested in exchange. Imlie tries to soothe Chini by singing a lullaby to her, but Chini is unable to go asleep despite Imlie’s efforts. She has indicated that she would want to consume some water.

As Imlie leaves the room to get a drink of water, she becomes aware that Aryan is making his way towards her bedroom. She tries to conceal her identity by hiding behind a pillar while she watches him. Aryan comes to a stop after noticing the anklet that Imlie is wearing. Aryan claims that Imlie’s presence in his life fundamentally altered the course of events. Imlie creeps up on him from behind in order to have a conversation with him. During the time they were alone together, she thinks back to the revelation that Aryan made.

Aryan inquires after Imlie’s intentions regarding the subject of their conversation. She claims that in the past he was able to comprehend her emotions even when she did not verbalise them, but that this is no longer the case. She confronts him with the question of why he would come towards her room at this particular hour. He claims that he was concerned about Chini’s well-being and wanted to check on her. He claims that she is responsible for Chini’s fearlessness and strength by virtue of the way she raised her. Imlie claims that she is completely alone in this world without Chini. According to Aryan, it’s not just her who is lonely; he is lonely, too. He has made the conscious decision to isolate himself. Imlie argues that he is needed by his family, at which point Aryan moves closer to her and inquires as to whether or not she requires his assistance. She then changes the subject by claiming that she has to go to fetch Chini some water.

Imlie is under the impression that she will not be able to coerce him into spending the rest of her life with her, but she is certain that she will never be able to force him to recall the events that transpired between the two of them. The following day, Aryan’s appearance in the office comes as a complete and utter shock to Imlie and the other workers there. Within the next hour, all of the reports for the prior five years must be compiled and placed on his desk, as he has stated this requirement. Due to the fact that he places a high value on his time, he will not tolerate any mistakes made by them. He travels to his hideaway cabin.

Imlie crouches down behind his desk and mulls through what she will say in response to his inquiries in the event that he inquires about anything related to their talk from the previous evening. Aryan is also of the opinion that he should not look for Imlie because she has already conveyed to him that she does not intend to involve him in her future plans. Malini comes in and scolds the employees, asking them why they lost their etiquette and why they didn’t greet her a good morning when they saw her.

Malini confronts Aryan with the fact that he has divulged the information that he has joined the workplace, and she tells him that if he had asked her, she would have provided him with all the information that he need. According to Aryan, she consistently only provides him with incomplete information, which is not desirable. He is curious about the financial situation of the Bhaskar Times and wants to know where the money is going. It is imperative that he receives all of the reports. Malini is concerned that her hard work will be for naught because she does not know how she will keep her scams a secret from this new Aryan. When Imlie spots the returning Aryan, she can’t help but feel a sense of joy. She believes that Malini is incapable of deceiving Aryan or of engaging in any unlawful activity at this point.


the doctor has just informed Imlie that Chini’s life is in imminent danger. They have no choice but to give her some blood. Chini was only three months old when Imlie began raising her as if she were her own child, despite the fact that Imlie claims she did not give birth to her. Malini was stunned as she overheard the information. She claims that she will not steal anything from Imlie but that she will retrieve her kid, who is hers and hers alone.

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