Imlie [30th August 2022] Written Update

Imlie 30th August 2022 Written Update On

The episode start with:

Imlie giving Chini a hug. She inquires as to whether or not she is cool with her. She wraps herself in a chini and binds the dupatta over her waist. According to Aryan, the time has come for him to demonstrate his might. Imlie and Chini are taken to the upper floor while he takes care of the breakfast. When Aryan all of a sudden loses his hold on the object, Imlie questions whether he exclusively uses his strength in fight club. At this point, he cannot afford to show any signs of weakness. Aryan puts an end to her babbling and utilises the full extent of his strength to pull them up. The video is recorded by two young women, and it quickly spread over the internet. Rathores are left wondering how Aryan and Imlie were able to get to that location as Sundar shows them the footage. Aryan comes to Chini’s rescue, but Imlie is unable to save herself.

Malini believes that Imlie ought to give up her life. However, He takes her hand at the appropriate moment and tells her not to let go of his hand while they are partners. She loses her balance and falls on top of him as they have a brief moment together. After witnessing all of that, Malini becomes infuriated and drives away in her vehicle. Aryan observes the kidnappers when they are riding in a police jeep. He gives the inspector instructions to investigate the situation and identify the person who is truly responsible. That criminal won’t get away unscathed from him. Later on, Imlie provides Chini with comfort, and Chini reveals that she had always known that Imlie and the others would come to her aid. Aryan pulls over close to a temple when she expresses a desire to quench her thirst and tells him to stop the automobile.

Imlie forces Chini to drink water at the temple, and then she inquires as to the reason why Chini left the house in the company of those men. Chini asserts that the individuals who kidnapped her were dancing with her, making it impossible for her to comprehend the objectives of her captors. Aryan cautions Imlie not to probe Chini right now because she is already going through a traumatic experience. Imlie explains that the reason for this is because she does not want any more time to pass before finding out who is responsible. A heated argument breaks out between Aryan and Imlie. As Chini is beginning to convince herself that she will not allow them to fight, she spots a group of young people drinking bhaang and having a good time. She goes up to them and requests two glasses of the juice, assuming that it will give Imlie and Aryan both a boost of energy. They are going to put an end to this conflict.

The youths respond that it is not intended for children, but Chini tells them that they can give it to Imlie and Aryan anyhow. It is in this location where Imlie and Aryan search for Chini. Chini is the one who brings those young men and women to them. Chini inquires at this point whether or not they have now had the opportunity to take some time to miss her in the midst of the debate. Aryan and Imlie immediately begin to argue with one another, at which point Chini instructs the girl to present bhaang to both of them.

Imlie and Aryan pick up the glasses, and Chini explains that she is going to dance with the mixed group of boys and girls. Following their consumption of the bhaang, Imlie and Aryan report feeling lightheaded. While under the influence of alcohol, Aryan is seen sitting on the ground next to Imlie. Malini makes her way to the police station, where she is eventually confronted by the kidnappers. She has made death threats against their family members, stating that she will do so if they disclose her identity to the authorities. She claims that she deposited a substantial quantity of money into their accounts, an amount that is impossible for them to acquire in their entire lifetimes. As a condition of their cooperation, they will not reveal her.

Imlie experiences a doubling of everything, and she and Aryan laugh at the same time as they realise this. Both of them look for Chini in a variety of locations. He takes her hand in his as he questions her about why she had abandoned him in such a vulnerable state. Malini makes several attempts to get in touch with Aryan by phone, but he is unable to respond because his phone fell out of his pocket while he was walking. Chini is stunned when he discovers that Malini has called him and looks at the notification on his phone. She believes that Malini should not be aware of the whereabouts of Imlie and Aryan. She is sneaky and manages to conceal the phone. Malini is under the impression that she can locate Aryan by tracking his phone and communicating with him. She approaches the shrine while carrying a wrench in her hand. When Chini sees Aryan and Imlie spending time together, she feels joy and happiness. Aryan and Imlie visit a location that has been decorated, and during their time there, he acts romantically toward Imlie. They bring the process to completion.


 Imlie confronts Aryan with the fact that she dumped him and tells him that it was quite challenging for him to deal with the agony of that loss. He claims that within the course of a single day he thought about her ten thousand times. She then asks if she may pay for that today, to which she receives a reply. He finds solace in sleeping on her lap, and she provides him with reassurance.

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