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Imlie 3rd August 2022 Written Update on

Imlie begins the episode by explaining to Chini that even though they do not have a biological father, Satyakam has always been there for them and has taken on the responsibilities of a father. There is no requirement for them to have a father’s name. Imlie sheds light on what it’s like to be a father in this insightful monologue. What exactly will his personality be like, etc. Chini is reminded of Aryan by it, and she asserts that Aryan has performed all of the duties for her that are typically performed by a father. Imlie cautions her not to take Aryan’s name because he is nobody to them and they have no connection to him.

Chini realises that Aryan has arrived with some food and greets him. She walks up to him to give him a hug and tells him that he has finally arrived. Imlie implores her to make another appearance. Aryan is questioned by her regarding his presence, and she wants to know why. He claims that he came to this location in order to speak with Chini. Imlie assures me that she is doing well and that she is surrounded by the people she cherishes. Aryan inquires about Chini’s identity and inquires about the identity of her father. Meethi responds that Chini is their relative’s daughter whose parents didn’t take her responsibilities, so they did. He manages to keep his cool, and he hears that Meethi says that Chini’s parents didn’t take her responsibilities

After receiving Meethi’s blessings, Aryan invites him to eat with them as he is their guest. Meethi tells him to have some food. It is impossible for him to leave without first obtaining some food. In private, Imlie inquires of Meethi as to the reason why she cautioned Aryan to stay back. According to Meethi, Aryan is concerned about Chini, which is why Imlie chose not to inform him about Chini’s biological father. Imlie claims that Aryan did not even call her or Meethi even once to check in on how they are doing over the past five years; under these circumstances, why should they care about his emotions?

They don’t want to develop any feelings for him in case something happens to him. She claims that if she tells him who Chini’s father is, he will go from loving Chini to hating him and will start holding Chini responsible for the death of Cheeku, which he was the one who caused many years ago. Hatred is not something that should be directed toward Chini. Even though she hasn’t spoken to Aryan in a while, Imlie still sheds tears for him and talks about how much she misses him, according to Meethi. It’s possible that the same thing could happen to Aryan; he loves her, which is why he came here. Imlie rejects the argument, and she decides to leave.

Arpita teases Nila, telling her that she should become an event planner because she arranged a kitty party with Anu the previous time. Nila responds by calling a priest to Rathore Mansion for the Shanti Path. Arpita continues to tease Nila. Aryan’s horoscope, which Preeta brings, and Arpita’s interpretation of what it means, which is that Nila wants to start making wedding plans for Aryan now: Nila has expressed that she is curious as to the reasons behind the difficulties that Aryan is experiencing in his life. She instructs the priest to carry out the horoscope reading in the appropriate manner. Additionally, Malini and Anu make their way there.

According to Anu, Malini is providing a significant amount of assistance to the Rathores. Arpita makes fun of her, and Malini says that they came here to find out how Narmada is doing physically. Narmada encourages them to take part in the puja that is taking place. Malini has some concerns about Aryan being in the village with Imlie, and she believes that he should avoid doing so at all costs. Aryan has a conversation with Chini, who informs Aryan that she is aware that both she and Imlie are hungry. She reveals the fact that they both consumed the laddoos, which resulted in the two of them becoming friends. Both Imlie and Aryan have stated that they do not consider themselves to be friends.

While Imlie and Aryan were attempting to sit down, they accidentally bumped into each other, which sparked an argument between the two of them. Chini takes pleasure in watching that, and Imlie inquires as to the genuine reason behind Chini’s presence here. Because he is only capable of destroying other people, he won’t be able to feel relieved until he has witnessed her being destroyed. He claims that she has the same objective as him in destroying Bhaskar Times. He hands her a letter of apology and instructs her to sign it, but she tells him that she won’t do that because she doesn’t believe she did anything wrong in the first place. She is not going to have to demonstrate her innocence in front of him on a consistent basis.

Aryan claims that this is something she does all the time, and that the telling of her truth is important to her more so than the suffering and pain of others. She is completely unconcerned about the struggles that he must be going through. She claims that she is only ever on the side of what is ethical. The light goes out, and he flicks the switch to bring the lighter to life. Imlie torches the letter of apology in front of him and then walks away, stating that this is her response to his request for information.

Aryan explains to Imlie that this indicates that she will not refrain from causing him trouble and that she will cause him to go through suffering. She claims that she won’t sign any document at all. He warns her not to play with fire, but she responds that she is fire herself, and that he will not be able to defeat her.


A recap: Imlie tells Aryan that she can’t put the children of Pagdandiya in danger because she has a responsibility to them. It is impossible for her to comprehend Aryan. Aryan states, however, that the decision will now be made by the police on her behalf. She will be given a consequence for her actions. Imlie is taken into custody by the police, which comes as a surprise to her.

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