Imlie [3rd December 2022] Written Update

Imlie 3rd December 2022 Written Update On

Imlie 3rd December 2022

In Imlie, The doctor telling Arto not to let Imlie sleep at all costs. Otherwise, he may die from low-temperature hypothermia. She nearly collapses and Arto frets over her.  She speaks in a shaky voice and passes out. Arto bangs on the door with a chair and Chini tells him to calm down. Arto says that we have to force the door today. He kicks the glass door and breaks it. He picks up her and leads her outside.

The boys encourage Arto but Chini silences them out of jealousy. Arto tells her to get up from her, he says that he was very worried about her but thank God he is fine. They smile at each other, she is named after her. Chini covers her with a cloth saying that she might be cold. Children appreciate Arto’s style. Arto asks Chini how he is. Chini tells her not to show false concern. They should go. Arto is confused.

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The police praise the work of Arto and Imlie’s team in the way they saved the children from the kidnappers. The children praise Arto’s fighting skills. Later, the doctor says that he wants to talk to Arto and Imlie. Arto asks why the nursing home staff were harassing Chini. So I’m here to get it back.

The doctor reveals that everyone in this asylum wants Chini to leave this center. He adds that she upset all the patients and doctors a lot. She says that Chini is also harmful to her loved ones. They should act. Arto and Imlie are shocked to hear this. A boy makes fun of Chini and the latter gets angry with her. To teach that girl a lesson, Chini tries to lock her in the cold room.

Imlie and Arto capture Chini. Imlie stops her by asking how she was able to lock the boy inside the chamber despite knowing the consequences of it. Chini makes the excuse that the boy was bothering her. Imlie says but that’s not the right way to punish a child. Imlie and Arto decide to send Chini to a better asylum for treatment. Chini begins the drama of her that was out of her mind.

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Here she too she could not improve. Arto says why the doctor told them everything as if she didn’t want to recover and upset all the staff. Chini says that she used to take care of her when she was a child, but now she wants to get rid of her. Even her family didn’t accept her, so she is doing the same. Maybe because she is now married. Chini gets angry because everyone is playing with her life and she wants to show that she is patient.

Imlie and Arto arrive at Rana’s house and Rana is happy to see them again. Rudra blesses her that she will not get into trouble again. Chini enters Rana’s house surprising everyone. She tells Rudra that love can cure all diseases, so she will also take care of Chini here. Rupy says that Chini should go back to her family if she misses them.

Chini replies that she feels safe with her. Arto also convinces her family that if she wants Chini to stay here, they must trust her. Rupy says that if they have any problems, she will take Chini home. Later, Chini takes Rudra’s blessings and says that she must always bless her so that she can defeat him every time. Rudra watches.

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