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Imlie 3rd September 2022 Written Update On

The Episode Start With:

Preeta is on the phone with Malini, and while she is explaining things to her, Malini abruptly hangs up on her. According to Narmada, Imlie was the one who made it finally happen and put Aryan in office. Both Sundar and Arpita concur with the statement that only Imlie is capable of doing this. Nila asserts that Aryan is a member of the Rathores and that he should be treated as a member of the royal family; if this is the case, why do they want him to work? Arpita claims that all he needs at this time is Imlie and monarchy, and that everything else is a myth. Arpita asks Malini why she can’t just mind her own business when she arrives at the mansion and reports that Imlie’s goal has been accomplished, which was to put a stop to Aryan’s listlessness and elect him to office. Malini retorts that she is merely stating that Imlie’s goal has been accomplished, leading her to wonder why she continues to be here. When Imlie arrives, Malini hands her two tickets to the Pagdandiya performance. Imlie begins to pack her things, stating that there is nothing left for her to accomplish in this location.
Narmada begs her to reconsider her decision to abandon her family the last time they were in the dark. Arpita claims that she will not be successful in regaining contact with her older brother this time. Imlie replies that she is sorry, but she needs to go because Aryan has once again become responsible. Arpita gives Aryan a call to let him know that Imlie will be leaving soon. After hearing that, Aryan immediately comes to a stop in the car. He tells Arpita to not stop her and to let her go. Arpita reprimands him, but he hangs up on her before she can finish. Aryan breaks down in tears as he thinks back on all of the times he spent with Imlie. When Chini expresses to Imlie that she does not wish to go, Imlie tells her a lie, claiming that Meethi is pleading with them to come back. Chini has stated that she does not believe that and that she will immediately speak with Meethi. Imlie accuses her of being impolite, and she responds by going to Aryan. Aryan helps her to her feet, and she tells him that Imlie is pressuring her to leave. Imlie tells her to cease being adamant. When Malini sees that, she gives Imlie a sneer, and Imlie and Chini walk away. Aryan is comforting Chini by holding her hand while Imlie looks at him with tear-filled eyes. According to Chini, Imlie also wants to wait here, but she is not listening to her.

Chini is seated, and Aryan explains to her that there is no reason to feel angry since even though she is leaving, she will always have a place in his heart. He assures Imlie that he has never physically restrained another person. After giving him a hug, Chini walks away. Aryan shows signs of emotion. Chini passes out, and Imlie is attempting to bring her back to consciousness. Additionally, Aryan is spoken in Chini. Everyone starts to worry, and Malini explains that what Chini is doing is acting, and that it was definitely arranged by Imlie. Because she wants to remain in this location, she is acting dramatic. Imlie has stated that they will not go if Chini does not choose to do so. According to Malini, she has now arrived at the crucial point. She moves closer Chini in an effort to rouse her up, but Imlie prevents her from doing so.
Imlie cautions her to maintain a safe distance from Chini or else there would be repercussions. According to Aryan, they should get Chini to the hospital as soon as possible. Aryan has informed the physician that he is able to donate blood to Chini because their blood groups are identical. Imlie is asked by the doctor if Chini suffers from any illness. In response, Imlie describes how Malini abandoned Chini when she was three months old, causing Chini to pass out in this manner. When Malini finds out that, she is astonished, and she declares that she would take back what rightfully belongs to her from Imlie. It will be difficult for Imlie. Imlie is pondering the question of why Chini became ill in Aryan’s presence after all of these years as she sits next to Chini. When Malini looks at Chini, she thinks that Chini is a burden for her because she was unable to bring Aditya and her closer together. In lieu of that, she brought Aryan and Imlie together. Anu is taken aback when she learns that Malini is in fact Chini’s mother after asking Malini about Chini’s mother. Malini describes the process that she used to get rid of Chini five years ago. Anu asks her how Aryan will react when he comes back to find out that Malini has abandoned Chini.


Malini hands Chini some dry rotis and then remarks that she can’t imagine Chini eating all of these. Chini explains to her that Malini is being nice to her because she knows that if she isn’t feeling well, she can get a checkup at the doctor. Chini is Malini’s daughter, and she responds to her by calling her hilarious. Chini cannot believe his eyes.

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